Florida School Garden Partnership

In an effort to help schools create and sustain school based fruit and vegetable gardens, the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Food and Nutrition Management in partnership with the Office of Healthy Schools recently convened a School Garden State Level Partnership including representatives from state agencies, universities, regional and local Extension offices, non-profit organizations, media and city government. The purpose of the meeting was to create a comprehensive approach for providing Florida school districts with information, funding sources, peer reviewed literature, and lesson plans correlated to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards regarding school fruit and vegetable gardens.

The School Garden Partnership agreed on goals and objectives for 2009-2010 and provided input into an action plan (PDF, 478KB). Activities of importance are:

  • Development of an online school garden clearinghouse;
  • Correlation of fruit and vegetable garden concepts to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards; and
  • Identification and application of grant funding for the purposes of advancing the initiative in Florida.

Florida School Garden Partnership Contact List