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  • Florida School Garden Surveys
    The Florida Department of Education’s Food and Nutrition Management Section initiated two statewide surveys in May 2009 (Word, 117KB) and June 2010 (Word, 368KB) to assess the scope of school gardens throughout the state while gaining a better understanding on how to expand the program. Visit the links to access the survey results.
  • Grow Your Program: Evaluation Toolkit
    Easy to use guidance, aimed at the educator with minimum experience with evaluation, for purposes of program improvement and documentation.
  • Grow Your Program: Planning & Organizing
    The organizational steps needed to initiate a successful community gardening project with kids.

Growing Tips

How-to Guides

  • Gardening Angels: A School Start-Up Guide (PDF, 2MB)
    Gardening Angels: A School Start-Up Guide (Word, 90KB)
    A start up guide developed by the Florida Department of Education, Office of Food and Nutrition Management and Office of Healthy Schools. Provides steps to building a sustainable school garden program in Florida.
  • Gardening for Grades
    Developed by Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, this Florida-specific gardening guide helps teachers plan, fund, create, and learn with a school garden.
  • Gardens for Learning (PDF)
    A comprehensive guidebook that provides a strong foundation to support the growing school garden movement.
  • Getting Started: A Guide for Creating School Gardens as Outdoor Classrooms (PDF)
    Getting Started is a 51-page guide with topics including Connecting the garden to the classroom, Understanding nature's cycles and Identifying the responsibilities of the garden coordinator.
  • How to Start a School Garden (PDF)
    This comprehensive school garden toolkit illustrates how to plan and build a school garden and get garden activity ideas.
  • Nancy's Garden (PDF)
    Montana's First Lady Nancy Schweitzer invites you to spark an interest in math and science with classroom gardening. Let's explore plants, promote healthy eating, and connect kids to the outdoors!
  • A Planning Guide for Edible School Gardens (PDF)
    This publication is intended to supply garden leaders with a collection of useful tools and information for planning and implementing a successful school garden project featuring edible plants.

USDA Resources

  • Fresh, Healthy, and Safe Foods: Best Practices for Using Produce from School Gardens (PDF)
    The following practices are intended to provide basic food safety guidelines for those involved with school gardens.
  • School Garden Q & A (PDF)
    In this memo, USDA recently clarified that school food service funds may be used to purchase seeds, gardening tools, fertilizer, etc for school gardens. Such funds may also be devoted to starting and maintaining gardens on school property and schools are allowed to purchase produce from the gardens, even if the garden is managed and maintained by another school organization.
  • USDA’s School Garden Bulletin Board
    Find garden theme ideas and activities, lesson plans, full curricula, activity books, and posters.