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Baccalaureate Degrees at Florida College System Institutions

Florida students can take upper-level courses in over 500 programs located on college campuses. These programs enable students to remain on a college campus while receiving the upper-level instruction they need to complete a bachelor's degree.

There are two ways to get a bachelor’s degree at a Florida College:

  1. Bachelor's (or Higher) Degrees Offered by Four-Year Colleges & Universities

    In most cases, bachelor's or higher degrees offered at Florida colleges are provided through partnerships between the college and public or private four-year institutions. Courses are taken on the college campus or via distance learning, and the degree is awarded by the partnering four-year institution. Some colleges have established on-site "university centers" where students may receive academic advising, financial aid assistance, and other student services. Click on the links below for a list of Florida college programs and concurrent-use partnerships (bachelor's degree or higher) and a summary report.
  2. Bachelor's Degrees Awarded by a Florida College

    Florida colleges have been granted authorization from the Legislature to offer bachelor's degrees to meet local and regional workforce need and demand (section 1007.33, F.S). Click on the link below to view a complete list of all approve baccalaureate degree programs in the Florida College System by institution.
    • BS = Bachelor of Science
    • BAS = Bachelor of Applied Science

    For a current listing of baccalaureate degrees offered in the Florida College System, please visit

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