Disability Support Services

College students with documented disabilities are eligible to receive support services and accommodations. Standard accommodations include extended time on exams, texts in an alternative format, note-takers, and sign language interpreters. In order to receive services, students must self disclose to the Office of Student Disability Services on their campus and present current documentation. Documentation requirements may vary across colleges and may also be different than the documents required by middle and high schools. Please contact your local student disability services office for specific documentation requirements.


Florida Statutes

  • 1004.91 - Career-preparatory instruction
  • 1007.02 - Access to postsecondary education and meaningful careers for students with disabilities
  • 1007.264 - Impaired and learning disabled persons; admission to postsecondary educational institutions
  • 1007.265 - Impaired and learning disabled persons; graduation, study program admission, and upper-division entry
  • 1009.41 - State financial aid; students with a disability
  • 1007.25 General education courses; common prerequisites; and other degree requirements.

State Board of Education Rules

  • 6A-10.040 (Word) - Basic Skills Requirements for Postsecondary Career Certificate Education
  • 6A-10.041 - Substitution for Requirements for Eligible Disabled Students at State Universities, Florida Colleges, and Postsecondary Career Centers
  • 6A-20.111 (Word) - Criteria for Documentation of Disability

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For complaints or information related to disability serviceshttp://data.fldoe.org/workforce/contacts/default.cfm?action=showList&ListID=40

For additional information relating to disability services, please contact:

Lynda Earls, Director, Equity & Civil Rights Compliance Division of Florida Colleges
Florida Department of Education
325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1544
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Telephone: 850-245-9468

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