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Unsafe Schools Choice Option

Federal Unsafe Schools Choice Option (USCO) -- NCLB, Title IX, Part E, Subpart 2, Section 9532

SEC. 9532. Unsafe School Choice Option.

Unsafe Schools Choice Policy (USCO)

Each State receiving funds under this Act shall establish and implement a statewide policy requiring that a student attending a persistently dangerous public elementary school or secondary school, as determined by the State in consultation with a representative sample of local educational agencies, or who becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense, as determined by State law, while in or on the grounds of a public elementary school or secondary school that the student attends, be allowed to attend a safe public elementary school or secondary school within the local educational agency, including a public charter school.


As a condition of receiving funds under this Act, a State shall certify in writing to the Secretary that the State is in compliance with this section.

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