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FCAT-Practice Materials Using Prevention Concepts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are FCAT Practice Materials Using Prevention Concepts?
    • These are materials that both teachers and students in grades 4, 5, 8, and 10 can use to help prepare for the FCAT. Students can sharpen their skills in math, reading, writing, and science while learning information to enhance healthy decision-making.

      The teacher materials include:

      • Background information on specific prevention topics highlighted in the student practice items
      • Instructional strategies
      • Answers to student sample test questions
      • The Sunshine State Standard and Benchmark addressed by the unit

      The student materials include:

      • Reading selections, writing prompts, and math and science questions for grades 4, 5, 8, and 10
      • Content that carries an alcohol, tobacco, or other drug prevention message
  2. Are the student practice items presented in the same format as FCAT
    • Yes. Student materials look almost exactly like the FCAT Sample Test booklets used to help prepare students for the test.
  3. Can you give me an example of how these materials use prevention concepts to practice core subject area skills?
    • Yes. When using these materials, a student may practice:
      • Math skills by calculating the societal costs of tobacco-related illnesses
      • Reading comprehension skills while reading passages related to the dangers of drug use
      • Learn critical thinking skills by analyzing and interpreting an alcohol-related media message
  4. In what educational setting can these materials be used?
    • These materials will enhance any subject area and can be used in a number of learning environments, including:
      • The Traditional Classroom
      • Remediation Programs
      • Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Campaigns
      • After School / Tutoring Programs
      • Alternative Disciplinary Programs
  5. How did this project begin?
    • This project began with a recommendation from prevention leaders attending the first Governorís Drug Summit held in 1999. It then grew into a tri-agency project among the Department of Children and Families, Department of Health, and the Department of Education.
  6. Who funded this project?
    • The Department of Health provided funding for the initial needs assessment. The Department of Children and Families then provided funds for material development. The Department of Education, Office of Safe Schools, facilitated the development of the project.
  7. How were these materials developed and reviewed?
    • The materials were developed through a contract with the University of South Florida which subcontracted with Paradox Learning Systems, Inc. The review process was extensive and involved many shareholders, for example:
      • Over 300 teachers and district-level prevention leaders provided input on content and usability
      • DOE Subject Area Specialists conducted area content reviews
      • Assessment and Evaluation staff provided FCAT formatting guidance
      • Safe Schools Prevention Specialists provided prevention content review
  8. How can I promote the use of these materials in my district?
    • These materials can be promoted as FCAT preparatory materials and as alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention materials.

      They can be presented to:

      • Principals at principal meetings
      • FCAT Coordinators
      • School-based Prevention Contacts
      • Subject Area Team Leaders
      • Safe and Drug-Free School Coordinators
      • School Health Coordinators
      • School Faculty
  9. How can I receive additional copies?
  10. How can I provide my comments or input?