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2007 House and Senate Bill(s)

HB 139 Relating to Suicide Prevention
Creates Statewide Office for Suicide Prevention as unit of Drug Control Office; authorizes said office to seek and accept grants or funds from any source to support its operation; creates Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council within said office; authorizes coordinating council to assemble ad hoc committee to advise said council; provides appropriation.

SB 988 Relating to High-Risk Offenders
Requires distinctive markings for driver's licenses & ID cards issued to persons who are designated as sexual predators or subject to registration as sexual offenders; requires said predators & offenders to obtain updated or renewed driver's license or ID card; revises background screening requirements for certain noninstructional school district employees & contractors; provides for submission of fingerprints, etc.

SB 1604 Relating to Sexual Offenders and Predators
Revises criteria for designation as sexual predator; requires said predators to register with FDLE through sheriff's office; requires said predator to register in county where designated as predator; increases frequency of reregistration requirement for said predator; allows certain sexual predators and offenders to petition for removal of registration requirement; provides for notification upon release of specified offenders, etc.

2006 House and Senate Bill(s)

HB 1291 Relating to Weapons
Revises the definition of the term "weapon"; revises and clarifies provisions related to the prohibited exhibition and possession of specified weapons and firearms at a school-sponsored event or on school property; clarifies provisions with respect to prohibited trespass on school property with a firearm or other weapon.

HB 7173 Relating to Welfare of Children
Creates the Office of Child Abuse and Prevention within the Executive Office of the Governor…

2005 House and Senate Bill(s)

HB 1877 Relating to Sexual Predators and Sexual Offenders
Creates Jessica Lunsford Act; provides for specified sentencing of persons convicted of life felony offense in certain provision; provides for electronic monitoring; prohibits harboring of sexual predator or sexual offender; revises provisions re sexual offender registration; requires search of sexual offender & sexual predator registry by entities providing probation services, etc.

2004 House and Senate Bill(s)

SB 120 Relating to Sexual Offenders
Beginning October 1, 2004, certain sex offenders under conditional release cannot live or relocate a residence to within 1,000 feet of a designated public school bus stop. The Department of Corrections is required to notify each affected school district of the location of the residence of a releasee thirty days prior to the release, and thereafter within thirty days if the releasee changes his or her residence. District school boards must relocate any existing school bus stops, and prohibits the establishment of a new school bus stop, if the site is within 1,000 feet of the existing residence of a sex offender under conditional release.

After October 1, 2004, persons convicted for committing certain sex offenses are prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, park, or playground if their victim was under 16 years old. Violation of the prohibition would constitute a new crime, with the level depending upon the classification of the qualifying offense.

SB 184 Relating to Student Discipline & School Safety
Deletes the notice requirement in the code of student conduct of possible disciplinary action or criminal penalties for possession of an electronic telephone pager by a student while he or she is on school property or in attendance at a school function.

Requires that notice be given to all teachers, school personnel, students, and parents at the beginning of each school year that using a wireless communications device to commit a criminal act may result in disciplinary action or criminal penalties.

Allows a student to possess a wireless communications device while he or she is on school property or in attendance at a school function. District school boards must adopt rules governing the student’s use of a wireless communications device while he or she is on school property or in attendance at a school function.

SB 678 Relating to Assault/Battery on Sports Official
Provides for the reclassification of the felony or misdemeanor degree, as applicable, of assault, aggravated assault, battery, or aggravated battery when any of those offenses are committed upon a sports official when he or she is actively participating as a sports official in an athletic contest or immediately following such athletic contest.

SB 1774 Relating to Persons Appointed or Employed to Work With Children
A state agency or governmental subdivision, prior to making any decision to appoint or employ a person to work, whether for compensation or as a volunteer, at any park, playground, day care center, or other place where children regularly congregate, must conduct a search of that person's name or other identifying information against the registration information regarding sexual predators and sexual offenders maintained by the Department of Law Enforcement under section 943.043, Florida Statutes. The bill exempts from this requirement individuals already subject to a state and federal background check, since the background check they have completed is more thorough than this search. Therefore, individuals employed by school districts and others that already undergo background screening pursuant to the School Code are not subject to this additional review.

2003 House and Senate Bill(s)

SB 160 Controlled Substances
Specifies that for purposes of certain industrial uses, 1,4-Butanediol & gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) are excepted from schedule of controlled substances when in possession of authorized manufacturer or distributor or person possessing finished product; clarifies hours during which it is unlawful to sell, manufacture, deliver, or possess controlled substance within specified distance of child care facility or specified schools, etc.

SB 488 Probation or Community Control
Provides requirements for measuring distance from offender's place of residence to school, day care center, park, playground, or other place where children congregate for purposes of complying with court-imposed condition prohibiting offender from living within specified distance from those facilities.

SB 1588 Drug Abuse Prevention & Control
Prohibits sale, manufacture, or delivery of controlled substances, or possession of such substances with intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver, within 1,000 feet of certain educational institutions, described housing facilities, & any state, county, or municipal park or publicly owned recreational facility or community center, etc.

SB 1896 School Speed Zones
Provides for use of described flashing beacons to designate school zone speed restrictions; revises requirements for DOT to establish certain standards.

2002 House and Senate Bill(s)

HB 443 Firesafety Standards
Requires State Fire Marshal to adopt certain uniform firesafety standards for certain plants & facilities & firesafety evaluation system as alternate inspection standard for certain plants & facilities; clarifies that licensee who receives appropriate training shall not be prohibited from servicing any particular brand of fire extinguisher or preengineered system; provides for portable permit & preengineered permit, etc.

HB 1181 Safe Paths to Schools
Establishes Safe Paths to Schools Program in the Department of Transportation; requires consideration of planning & construction of bicycle & pedestrian ways; authorizes grant program to fund projects; provides rulemaking authority.

HB 1423 School Safety Zone
Defines term "school safety zone"; prohibits certain persons from entering or loitering within school safety zone; provides penalty; provides exception for residents & persons operating licensed business.

2001 House and Senate Bill(s)

SB 16C: Public Records/Security-system Plan
Provides exemption from public-records requirements for security-system plan or portion thereof; provides exemption from public-meeting requirements for those portions of any meeting which would reveal security-system plan or portion thereof which is confidential & exempt under this act; provides for future review & repeal; provides statement of public necessity.

HB 267: Juvenile Justice
Revises juvenile justice continuum to include community-based residential commitment programs; requires schools to adopt policy of zero tolerance for victimization of students; requires principals to take certain actions when student has been victim of violent crime perpetrated by another student; prohibits certain persons from attending certain schools or riding on certain school buses under certain circumstances, etc.

2000 House and Senate Bill(s)

SB 852: School Safety & Student Discipline
Revises data used to determine school's performance grade category; requires district code of student conduct to include certain notice re expulsion for making threat or false report; specifies offenses for which student will be expelled for 1 year, & referred for criminal prosecution, under district school board zero tolerance for crime policies, etc.