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Safe Schools Related DOE Memos

All links in this table are PDF files.
Memo Subject Memo Number Memo Date
Zero Tolerance Technical Assistance Paper 2011-34 March 11, 2011
U. S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights – Bullying and Harassment and Federal Antidiscrimination Laws 2010-209 October 29, 2010
Teen Dating Violence and Abuse Policy Requirements
2010-195 October 22, 2010
Notification of School Personnel of Students Charged With Certain Felony or Delinquent Acts 2010-126 July 23, 2010
Repeal of Rule 6A-1.0404, F.A.C., Zero Tolerance for School Related Violent Crime 2009-209 December 4, 2009
Zero-Tolerance Policies – Chapter 2009-053, Laws of Florida 2009-150 September 25, 2009
Equine Activities – Chapter 2009-105, Laws of Florida 2009-141 July 24, 2009
Procedural Plan For Certification of District Policies Against Bullying and Harassment (Section 1006.147, Florida Statutes) 2009-048 April 10, 2009
Guidance Related to the Development of a District Policy Against Bullying and Harassment    
Model Policy Against Bullying and Harassment 2008-92 July 31, 2008
Transportation Safety Instructions for Parents and Students 08-02 July 13, 2007
Notification of School Personnel of Students Charged with Felony or Delinquent Acts   July 27, 2006
Statewide Policy for Strengthening Domestic Security in Florida’s Public Schools
K-12 06-63 May 3, 2006
Technical Assistance Paper, Jessica Lunsford Act
K-12 05-107 August 15, 2005
Chad Meredith Act Pertaining to School Hazing K-12 05-103 August 3, 2005
Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sex Offender Website K-12 05-55 May 13, 2005
Improving Program Effectiveness through Selection and Implementation with Fidelity K-12 05-37 April 1, 2005
Student Possession of Cellular Telephones on School Property
DPS 05-016 August 6, 2004
Problem Gambling Prevention Program DPS 05-017 July 20, 2004
Missing Children Program   July 8, 2004
Relating to Records/Sexual Predators & Offenders   July 5, 2004
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
    FERPA Model Notification
    PPRA Model Notification
    PPRA Consent
    Superintendent Letter
    Chief State School Officer Letter
DPS 04-093 March 12, 2004
Unsafe Schools Choice Option Policy
    USCO Policy
    Technical Assistance Paper
    Draft Non-Regulatory Guidance
  June 6, 2003
Student Crime Victimization and the Zero Tolerance Policy DPS 02-051 November 8, 2001