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Florida Department of Education/Macy’s Teacher of the Year 2012

Photo of Alvin Davis Alvin Davis
Music Education
Miramar High School
Broward County Florida

Alvin has a heart as big as the moon. "I am whole-heartedly dedicated to the entire educational welfare of students. Education is the cornerstone of the American Dream and there is nothing more honorable and rewarding than educating the leaders of tomorrow." Alvin has continuously constructed his music programs and performances with the philosophy of developing an award winning, academic-focused music program on the cutting edge of creativity and band pageantry.

Each year is a new and exciting adventure in Alvin's classroom at Miramar High School. As a music educator for the past 11 years, he believes that it is not enough to just teach music, he believes it is his duty to reinforce the skills learned in other classes, not only to achieve in his classroom, but in life. By actively encouraging students and keeping them engaged on obtainable goals, his students find success that permeate the entire classroom which not only creates high moral standards and quality of character, but musical and academic achievement. "We forget sometimes as educators we are preparing generations not to just appreciate and imbibe a liberal art, but learn how to live and be successful in whatever becomes their chosen profession."

Alvin wants every student to have the opportunity to participate in the musical process and his electronic music class does just that. He utilizes science, literary skills, math, finance, business, technology, and engineering to create a hands-on, project based, student driven curriculum that every student can participate in. He reinforces other curricula by having students write, record, produce, and shoot music videos. Followed by the formation of record companies charged to prepare a business plan/model that advertises, promotes, manufactures and distributes the student projects created in the class.

"I believe in leading and teaching by example", this practice explains why Mr. Davis can even be seen teaching ballet to the young ladies in his eurhythmics class. All the while, Mr. Davis makes sure that his students receive one-on-one counseling to ensure that a successful academic pathway has been set for each and every one of his students. By focusing on academics and discipline, Alvin has had 100% of his participating students accepted to some form of post-secondary education! From MIT graduates to FBI internist, Mr. Davis not only councils his students in high school, but through college graduation.

"Teachers are servants to society; and with that great responsibility we must not fail. In providing a world-class education we must stand stern when faced with adversity and be ready to go that extra mile when necessary. For, if students, parents, and the community can see our willingness to succeed, maybe everyone will join us in the fight, so that all Americans will prevail in this new global economy that awaits us in the 21st century."

Alvin is available for speaking engagements and for conducting workshops in any of the following areas:

  • Student Leadership Training
  • Incorporating Technology In Education
  • STEM Concepts Across The Curriculum
  • Music Education Across The Curriculum
  • New Teacher Training
  • Parent Involvement In The Classroom
  • Data Driven Differentiated Instruction
  • Mentor Modeling
  • Class/Peer Tutoring
  • Web Based Simulations To Enhance Instruction

To inquire about Alvin's availability, please contact Bonita Hampton at .