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Florida Principal Leadership Standards (FPLS)

History of Florida's Principal Leadership Standards

In 1985, Florida Statutes outlined 19 Principal Competencies in the Management Training Act. With the sunset of the law in 1999 requiring Human Resources Management and Development (HRMD) programs based on the 19 Competencies, the state was required to develop new leadership standards. A Commissioner's Educational Leadership Summit was held in September 2002 to bring together business, higher education and school district leaders to discuss "educational leadership." Outcomes of the Summit:
  • Agreement to develop new educational leadership standards modeled after the Educator Accomplished Practices
  • A set of standards would become state rule backed up with sample key indicators at each level-entry, career and high performing
  • Student achievement was the underlying target for the work being done
  • Creation of "Standards Working Group" to research and draft standards
  • Peer review process to promote stakeholder involvement
A series of meetings were held in 2003 with representatives of school principal and higher education groups, along with selected school administrators. Revisions to the standards and sample key indicators were made as a result of the meetings. Over 200 participants from 40 counties participated in the development of the standards. In addition, all current school principals in the state were sent the recommended standards and were asked to comment on them, along with representatives of Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA), Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS), Florida Association of Professors of Educational Leadership (FAPEL), and Florida Department of Education (FDOE).

In April 2005, the Florida Principal Competencies were replaced by the Florida Principal Leadership Standards, State Board of Education (SBE) 6B-5.0012. They serve as the state's standards that Florida school leaders must demonstrate in preparation programs and in school administrator evaluations. Florida Principal Leadership Standards were adopted into rule (6 A-5.080) by the State Board in 2006-07, and Educational Leadership and School Principal Certification programs were redesigned to implement the new standards in 2008. By defining our state's standards for leadership we communicate to teachers, principals and parents our vision and our standard for effective educational leadership in Florida. The FPLS guide principal's leadership of our schools and impact leadership preparation programs, the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE), principal professional development programs, principal recruitment, selection, and evaluation programs

The FPLS currently form the basis for all of Florida's leadership preparation programs and will establish the core practices for leadership appraisal systems under the state's Race to the Top plan.

Race to the Top Teacher and Leader Preparation Implementation Committee

Florida's RTTT Teacher and Leader Preparation Implementation Committee (TLPIC) is composed of teachers and school leaders from postsecondary institutions and school districts, district administrators, superintendents, and school board members. This committee was responsible for revising the FPLS to align with contemporary research on effective school leadership.

The TLPIC initially met on May 9-10, 2011, in Ocala and worked throughout May and June to develop an initial draft of the revised FPLS using the research base presented to them by Dr. Douglas Reeves and Dr. Raymond Smith from The Leadership and Learning Center. The TLPIC also presented its initial draft to a subcommittee of William Cecil Golden Program partners and other postsecondary and school district leadership preparation representatives, and received feedback and suggestions to consider. The Department and the TLPIC then considered the public input, revised the draft standards, and held a rule development workshop in Fall 2011. After the Commissioner of Education's review and revision, the proposed draft FPLS will be presented to the State Board of Education for consideration for adoption into State Board Rule on November 15, 2011.