June 18, 2013 Agenda

Gary Chartrand, Chair John R. Padget, Vice Chair Ada G. Armas
Sally Bradshaw
John A. Colon
Barbara S. Feingold
Kathleen Shanahan

June 18, 2013

Hillsborough Community College

9:00 a.m. Call to Order Chair Gary Chartrand
Pledge of Allegiance
Member Comments
Commissioner's Report (PDF, 11KB) Commissioner Tony Bennett
  1. Common Core Transition (PDF, 247KB)
  2. K-12 Public Schools - Superintendent on behalf of the Florida Association of District School
Action Items
  1. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.039, Supplemental Educational Services in Title I Schools (PDF, 14MB)
  2. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.099811, Differentiated Accountability State System of School Improvement (PDF, 1MB)
  3. Approval of the 2013 Voluntary Prekindergarten Provider Good Cause Exemption Staff Recommendations to the State Board of Education (PDF, 916KB)
  4. Approval of District Turnaround Option Plans (PDF, 2MB)
  5. Approval of Funding Recommendations for the 2013-2014 College Reach-Out Program (PDF, 48KB)
  6. Request for Approval of Florida College System Institutional Goals on Performance Metrics Specified in Legislation (PDF, 3MB)
  7. Approval of Budget Guidelines for Development of 2014-2015 Legislative Budget Request (PDF, 1MB)
    Baccalaureate Proposals (PDF, 124KB)
  8. Approval of Request from Northwest Florida State College for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management and Supervision (PDF, 151KB)
  9. Approval of Request from Valencia College for a Bachelor of Science in Cardiopulmonary Sciences (PDF, 421KB)
  10. Approval of Request from Pasco-Hernando Community College for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (PDF, 653KB)
    Charter School Appeal
  11. Palm Beach Collegiate vs. School Board of Palm Beach County (PDF, 753KB)
Concluding Remarks Chair Gary Chartrand