October 9, 2012 Agenda

Gary Chartrand, Chair Roberto Martínez, Vice Chair Sally Bradshaw
Akshay Desai
Barbara S. Feingold
John R. Padget
Kathleen Shanahan
October 9, 2012
1800 S. Kirkman Rd.
Special Events Center, Building 8
Valencia College, Orlando

October 9, 2012

8:00 a.m. Call to Order Chair Gary Chartrand
Member Comments
Commissioner's Report (PDF, 20KB) Commissioner Pam Stewart
Recognition of Valencia College - Aspen Award
Approval (PDF, 125KB)
  • Minutes of July 17, 2012
  • Minutes of August 2, 2012
  • Minutes of September 7, 2012
  1. Partnerships with Philanthropic Organizations (PDF, 2MB)
  1. Florida College System -- President Joe Pickens on behalf of the Council of Presidents and Chancellor Randy Hanna, Florida College System (PDF, 21KB)
  2. Update on Transition to Common Core Assessments in 2014-15 (PARCC) (PDF, 752KB)
  3. Update on Digital Implementation Plan (PDF, 314KB)
Approval of Items Relating to Prek-12 Public Schools and Florida College System
  1. Approval of Delegation of Authority to Commissioner Pam Stewart (PDF, 27KB)
  2. Approval of 2013-2014 Legislative Operating and Fixed Capital Outlay Budget Request (PDF, 11KB)
  3. Approval of the State Board of Education Strategic Plan 2012-2018 and Florida College System Strategic Plan 2012-13 to 2017-18 (PDF, 21KB)
  4. Approval of Revised 2012 Voluntary Prekindergarten Provider Good Cause Exemption Staff Recommendations to the State Board of Education (PDF, 147KB)
  5. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.099822, School Improvement Rating for Alternative Schools (PDF, 98KB)
  6. Approval of New Rule 6A-1.099825, Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Curriculum Approval Process (PDF, 679KB)
  7. Approval of New Rule 6A-6.05282, College Reach-Out Program (PDF, 112KB)
Updates and Approval of Action in Pending Litigation
  1. Ruiz v. Robinson, et al. (PDF, 738KB)
  2. Peek v. State Board of Education, et al. (PDF, 13MB)
  3. Citizens for Strong Schools, Inc. v. Haridopolos, et al. (PDF, 27KB)
Consent Items Prek-12 Public Schools and State Colleges
  1. Approval of Amendment to Rule 6A-1.001, District Financial Records (PDF, 1022KB)
  2. Approval of Amendments to Rule 6A-1.004, School District Budget Requirements, and Rule 6A-1.0071, Fiscal Reporting Dates (PDF, 9MB)
  3. Approval of Repeal of Rule 6A-1.0941, Minimum Student Performance Standards (PDF, 39KB)
  4. Approval of Repeal of Rule 6A-6.022, Required Instruction in Florida History and Government (PDF, 33KB)
  5. Approval of New Rule 6A-6.0253, Diabetes Management (PDF, 599KB)
  6. Approval of Repeal of Rule 6A-10.0311, Assessment of Student Attainment of College-Level Communication and Computation Skills (PDF, 89KB)
  7. Approval of Repeal of Rules for the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind: (PDF, 499KB)
    • 6D-1.002, Appointment and Jurisdiction
    • 6D-1.011, Travel and Per Diem for Board of Trustees
    • 6D-1.012, Forms and Standard Instructions
    • 6D-1.013, Naming Facilities
    • 6D-1.014, School Advisory Council
    • 6D-2.004, Specific Objectives in the Department for the Deaf
    • 6D-2.005, Specific Objectives in the Department for the Blind
    • 6D-3.0021, Individual Educational Plan
    • 6D-3.0022, Independent Educational Evaluation
    • 6D-3.0023, Protection in Evaluation Procedures
    • 6D-3.003, Due Process Procedures
    • 6D-3.004, Impartial Review and Appeal
    • 6D-3.005, Assignment of Surrogate Parents
    • 6D-3.006, Access to and Confidentiality of Student Records
    • 6D-3.007, Provision of Non-Academic and Extracurricular Services and Activities
    • 6D-3.008, Discrimination Complaint Procedures for Student Access
    • 6D-3.010, Confidentiality of Information
    • 6D-6.021, Implementation of Certification Standards
    • 6D-6.022, On-Campus Rental Housing Policy for Staff and Administration
    • 6D-6.024, Assessment of Personnel Performance
    • 6D-6.025, Employees Infected with the HIV Virus
    • 6D-7.002, Academic
    • 6D-7.006, Student Progression Plan and Requirements for Graduation
    • 6D-7.0072, Grounds for Disciplinary Action
    • 6D-7.010, Educational Requirements for Application, Suspension, and Reinstatement of a Driver's License
    • 6D-8.002, Food Service Staff
    • 6D-8.003, Food Service Responsibilities
    • 6D-9.002, Health Care Center Staff
    • 6D-9.003, Health Care Center Inpatient Services and Outpatient Hospitalization
    • 6D-9.004, Health Examinations
    • 6D-9.005, Health Screenings and Immunizations
    • 6D-9.006, Students Infected with the HIV Virus
    • 6D-9.007, Health Care Policies
    • 6D-10.002, Student Residential Care Policies
    • 6D-11.002, Quality Assurance Plan
    • 6D-12.002, Campus Police Department
    • 6D-13.002, Mental Health Standards
    • 6D-14.002, Transportation Policies and Procedures
    • 6D-15.002, Maintenance and Construction Department
    • 6D-15.003, Housekeeping Department
    • 6D-16.002, Human Resources Management and Development
    • 6D-17.002, Purchasing Department
Concluding Remarks Chair Gary Chartrand