October 8, 2012 Agenda

Gary Chartrand, Chair Roberto Martínez, Vice-Chair Sally Bradshaw
Akshay Desai
Barbara Feingold
John Padget
Kathleen Shanahan

October 8, 2012

Hilton Orlando, 6001 Destination Parkway
Lake Down B Meeting Room
Orlando, FL

6:00 p.m. Welcome Chair Gary Chartrand
Request by Office of the General Counsel Lois Tepper
Interim General Counsel
Closed Session Re: Ruiz, et al. v. Robinson, et al, United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, Case No. 11-cv-23776-KMM

Participants: Gary Chartrand, Roberto Martinez, Sally Bradshaw, Akshay Desai, Barbara Feingold, John Padget, Kathleen Shanahan, Pam Stewart, Lois Tepper, Judy Bone, Mari Presley, Blaine Winship
Concluding Remarks Chair Gary Chartrand