July 16, 2012 Agenda

Kathleen Shanahan, Chair Roberto Martínez, Vice-Chair Sally Bradshaw
Gary Chartrand
Akshay Desai
Barbara S. Feingold
John R. Padget

July 16, 2012 -- 2:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Broward College
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

2:30 P.M. Call to Order Chair Kathleen Shanahan

  1. Background Materials
    1. Comparative national rankings for funding of major delivery systems
    2. Historical funding levels for Florida delivery
    3. Florida education funding as a percent of total state funding (historical)
  2. Opening Remarks - Chair
    1. Member questions relating to mailed materials
    2. Relation of the Strategic Plan to the Budget
    3. Questions from Members
  3. Presentations
    1. Financial Outlook for 2012-13 and 2013-14 (PPT, 2MB)
      1. General Revenue
      2. Lottery
      3. Principal State School Trust Fund
      4. Ad Valorem for School Funding
      5. PECO
    2. SBE Adopted Guidelines for Prior Year LBR & Timeline for 2013-14 LBR
    3. Major Cost Drivers for 2013-14 Budget
      1. PreK
      2. K-12
      3. State Colleges
      4. Adult Workforce
      5. State Student Financial Aid
      6. Others
  4. Public Testimony
    1. Public Schools
      1. Alexis Tibbetts; Superintendent, Okaloosa County Public Schools & President of FADSS
      2. Robert Runcie; Superintendent, Broward County Public Schools
      3. Wayne Blanton; President, FSBA
      4. School Board Member (TBA by Wayne Blanton),
      5. Juhan Mixon; Executive Director, FASA
      6. Geoff McKee; Principal, Boca Raton High School
      7. Andy Ford; President, FEA
    2. Florida Colleges
      1. Joe Pickens; President, St. Johns River State College and Chairman of the Council of College Presidents
      2. David Armstrong; President, Broward State College
  5. Discussion by Members
    1. Potential new funding initiatives for 2013-14 LBR (aligned to Strategic Plan)
    2. Guidance for LBR Guidelines to be presented for SBE consideration at the Board Meeting on the following day
State Board of Education Workshop Material (PDF, 6MB)