February 27, 2012 Agenda

Kathleen Shanahan, Chair Roberto Martínez, Vice-Chair Sally Bradshaw
Gary Chartrand
Akshay Desai
Barbara S. Feingold
John R. Padget

February 27, 2012

The Capitol, Room LL03
Tallahassee, Florida

2:00 p.m. Call to Order Chair Kathleen Shanahan

Commissioner's Comments
Overview of School Choice Programs in Florida Michael Kooi, Executive Director
Office of Independent Education and Parent Choice

Pam Stewart, Chancellor
K-12 Public Schools
School Choice - National Outlook -- Present and Future
Charter Schools - What's Working
Florida Tax Watch - Robert Weissert, Esq., VP for Research
School Choice Options Offered by School Districts - Florida Association of District School Superintendents
  • Magnet Programs
  • Career Academies
  • Other Choice Offerings
Educating Homeless Children and Youth Lorraine Allen, Director
State Homeless Education Program (FLDOE)
McKay Scholarship Program - Allison Hertog - Making School Work
Department of Education -- Support for School Choice
  • Charter School Growth Fund RTTT Partnership Darryl Cobb, Vice President
    Charter School Growth Fund (PDF, 257KB)
  • Voluntary Public School Choice Grant Cindy Rathburn, CEO
    Children's Champions
  • Charter School Program Grant Michael Kooi
Concluding Remarks Chair Kathleen Shanahan