Local Educational Agency Monitoring


The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) monitors migrant education programs operated by Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and Local Operating Agencies (LOAs) to comply with federal and state statutory and regulatory requirement. The purpose of monitoring is to ensure LEAs and LOAs are in compliance with applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and policies. The intent of monitoring is to provide technical assistance to sub recipients to implement their programs in accordance to their approved grant application that will result in increasing student academic achievement.

Monitoring Types

  • On-site Monitoring
    • A physical visit to the LEA with face-to-face interviews.
  • Desktop Monitoring
    • A remote data review with limited or no time spent onsite.
  • Self-Certification
    • A method of monitoring to assess a LEAs level of compliance using a set of criterion items called work papers.

Monitoring Dates

  • On-site Monitoring – TBD
  • Desktop Monitoring – TBD
  • Self-Certification – TBD