No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind Act

On January 8, 2002, NCLB was signed into law. Americans united behind a revolutionary idea: every child can learn. The law confirms that as a nation, we will not accept a public school system that educates only a portion of its children. NCLB recognizes what truly makes a difference in providing a quality education. It calls for a highly qualified teacher in the core subjects in every classroom; the use of proven, research-based instructional methods; and timely information and options for parents. Schools that under perform are held accountable, providing their students with free tutoring or transfer to a better performing public school. In other words, children’s education needs are placed first where they belong. To achieve its goals, NCLB works according to four common-sense principles: 

  • holding schools accountable for results;
  • giving states and districts flexibility in how they spend federal money;
  • using scientific research to guide classroom practice; and
  • involving parents by giving them information and choices about their children’s education.

In 1965, Congress passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), providing, for the first time, significant federal funding for K12 education. The original law has been renewed eight times, most recently by NCLB. Please contact the Florida Department of Education at or 850-245-0657 for more information.