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2001 Opinions

Opinion Number Opinion Subject
01-01 Legal Opinion-Charter School and Expulsion
01-02 Voting Issues - OAOC
01-03 Reuse of architect's plans for a middle school pursuant to Section 287.055, Florida Statutes
01-04 Manatee School for the Arts
01-05 Meaning of the Term "Public Approval"
01-06 Request for Student Data
01-07 Revision to Model Notice of Procedural Safeguards
01-08 Status of Charter Schools in FEFP Sparsity Supplement
01-09 Charter School Issue
01-10 Interpretation of Section 235.193(5) and (8), Florida Statutes
01-11 Expenditure of Internal School Funds Submitted on Behalf of the School Board of Okaloosa County
01-12 Statutory Prohibition Against Making, Soliciting, or Accepting Political Contributions in Government Buildings
01-13 The Barry Grunow Act: Teacher and School Administrator Death Benefits
01-14 Charter School Capital Outlay Funds
01-15 Authority of Council Members
01-16 Charter School Transportation and Funding Issues
01-17 Acceptance of monetary support or gifts from textbook publishers.
01-18 Classification of School Psychologists
01-19 Student Photographs; Release Without Consent
01-20 Two-mile Limit for Providing School Bus Service to Students
01-21 District's Right to Obtain Charter School Contract Information
01-22 Diplomas-Charter School Students
01-23 Random Drug Testing in Charter Schools
01-24 Two-mile measurement for determining bus service

Note: Please contact the Office of the General Counsel for attachments/enclosures associated with any opinion.

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