All 28 Florida Colleges Accept Governor Scott’s “Ready, Set, Work” College Challenge

November 12, 2015

DOE Press Office

All 28 Florida Colleges Accept Governor Scott’s “Ready, Set, Work” College Challenge

Tallahassee, Fla., November 12, 2015 – Today, at the Association of Florida Colleges Trustee Commission, all 28 Florida colleges unanimously voted to accept Governor Rick Scott’s “Ready, Set, Work” College Challenge of graduating 100% of their full-time students to attend a four year university or join the workforce.

Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said, “I commend Governor Rick Scott and all of our college presidents for continuing to focus on Florida’s students and their long-term career opportunities. Florida already has one of the best colleges systems in the nation, and our graduates are achieving great success. I am confident that full participation in this challenge will have a tremendous impact on all Floridians.”

Florida College System Chancellor Madeline Pumariega said, “Governor Scott has once again challenged our state’s colleges to implement an initiative to ensure our students are career ready. Just as they did when he issued the $10,000 Degree Challenge, our colleges readily accepted, demonstrating their commitment to providing students with the skills they need to reach their academic and career goals.”

President James Murdaugh of Tallahassee Community College, said “Florida's college system is proud of our accomplishments but we know there is room for improvement. This morning, the governor challenged us to set a goal of achieving 100% completion for our full-time students and pledged his support  to providing the appropriate resources to make that goal achievable. I am proud to have led a vote of all of the college presidents in attendance at today's meeting to embrace the Governor's goal.”

Dr. Jackson N. Sasser, President of Santa Fe College, said, “As the winner of the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, Santa Fe College fully supports the goal of achieving a 100% graduation rate of our full-time students."

Ava L. Parker, J.D., President of Palm Beach State College, said, "Palm Beach State College wholeheartedly accepts Governor Scott's ‘Ready, Set, Work’ challenge. We understand what is at stake for our students, and we are committed to their success. Our commitment to their success includes: a quality academic experience, graduation and a job."

Dr. Edwin R. Massey, President of Indian River State College said, "The Florida College System Trustees and Presidents unanimously welcomed Governor Scott's ‘Ready, Set, Work’ challenge this morning and collectively look forward to increasing the graduation rates of our full-time students to 100 percent. With the support of the Governor and Legislature behind us, we will work tirelessly to get every student to a degree in 150 percent of catalog time, providing an even greater number of trained graduates to the workforce and helping to secure Florida's future."

Dr. Jason Hurst, President of Chipola College, said, "Graduation has always been important to our mission and the challenge today from our governor and the acceptance  from all 28 presidents, reinforces our commitment to achieve a 100% graduation rate."

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