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Monday, September 23, 2013

DOE Press Office

What They Are Saying…
Florida Education Leaders Applaud Governor's Work in Charting Path Forward

Marshall Criser, President of AT&T Florida said, "Governor Scott has challenged Florida's education stakeholders to reach higher to ensure our students continue to benefit from high standards and excellent teachers. Building on the Education Summit he convened in August, the Governor is continuing to recognize the priorities and the concerns that parents, teachers, administrators, and employers have for the continued success of our students and schools. Through his challenge to Commissioner of Education Stewart and to the State Board of Education, Governor Scott is building the next generation platform that will define Florida's higher standards for the success of our students and schools."

Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Barbara M. Jenkins said, "We applaud Governor Scott for his attention to public education and to the future of Florida students. Rigorous standards will better prepare our students for college and career, and to compete in a global economy. High Standards also demonstrate an important investment in the economic future of our state."

Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce said, "Today, Governor Rick Scott reiterated his commitment to providing the highest academic standards in order for Florida students to compete with their peers around the world. Governor Scott's commitment to compete with international standards in education while allowing Florida, not the federal government, to develop curriculum and the best testing methods is a big win for Florida's kids and Florida's future."

Eileen Segal, President of the Florida Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) said, "The Florida PTA appreciates the Governor listening and following through on our concerns regarding common core standards and the assessments. We thank him for listening to parents and for inviting the Florida PTA to have a seat at the table at the Governor's education summit. Most importantly, we want to applaud Governor Scott for his commitment in making education a priority for our children."

Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA) Executive Director Juhan Mixon, Ed.D. said, "I applaud the Governor for hosting the Education Summit and taking the necessary steps, which are the result of public input including superintendents, administrators, teachers, the PTA, legislators and others. The Governor has taken the high road on increasing and supporting high standards for Florida. The right thing to do is to make changes to Florida's education plan. It is good that we are looking at the needs of our state and the results of the Summit."

Dr. Wayne Blanton, Executive Director of the Florida School Boards Association, said, "We want to thank Governor Scott and his team for listening to our concerns at the Governor's Education Summit. We support the Governor's actions on PARCC and, while everyone believes in high standards, we must work together to ensure that the standards, assessments, and curriculum in Florida enhance student learning and educational opportunities for all students."

Joe Gruters, CPA and Member of the Board of Trustees for Florida State University, "For some time now, we've raised concerns on how far we want to allow the federal government to have a say in how Florida's system of education is administered. Today, we're proud that Governor Scott took our concerns to heart and laid out a path that will enhance Florida's education system. It's high standards, good schools and good teachers that are the key to success - and not bureaucratic red tape that hinders Florida educators from doing their jobs."

Doug Tuthill, President of Step Up for Students said, "Step Up for Students is proud to support Governor Scott's efforts to create an education system that's effective for Florida students and teachers. His support of high standards and a fair system for educators is critical for our students to succeed - and the Governor is doing the right thing in making education a top priority."

Dorina Sackman, 2014 Florida Teacher of the Year said, "Florida students have already demonstrated they can compete with their international counterparts. To stay competitive we need to ensure Florida schools are offering the best education for every student. Governor Scott's announcement today is putting Florida and our students on the right path."

Alex Lopes, 2013 Florida Teacher of the Year said, "Focused and deeper standards are needed if we want our students to remain competitive in our global economy. They also must be in place if we want to give all our students equal access to opportunity, preparing them all for college and careers throughout their schooling years."

William V. Husfelt III, Superintendent, Bay District Schools said, "We appreciate Governor Scott listening to our concerns about assessment and his commitment to ensure standards for Florida students are rigorous and prepare our students for a successful future. Our student achievement scores have made Florida a national leader in public education. Students deserve standards that encourage them to reach their highest educational potential."

Hillsborough Schools Superintendent MaryEllen Elia said, "The Common Core State Standards are essential for Florida to move forward in raising standards and helping our students compete on the national and international level. Also, whether it is PARCC or another assessment, we must be able to measure our student's progress and make comparisons with the highest performing students across the nation."

Dr. Juhan Mixon, Executive Director, Florida Association of School Administrators said, "Governor Scott has taken thoughtful and bold action to make Florida the best place to get an education. We appreciate his continued efforts to raise standards and provide opportunities for Florida's students."

Apryl Shackelford, Duval County Teacher of the Year said, "As Duval County's Teacher of the Year, I embrace higher standards for students. I am confident they will yield higher college and career readiness outcomes for our students, which is essential to our state's economic vitality. The more young adults who exit high school unprepared for college or lacking essential job skills, the greater the cost to taxpayers, in the form of costly college remediation, lost wages and more reliance on government assistance."