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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Matt Littlefield, Communications Specialist
Tallahassee Community College


New developmental mathematics program at Tallahassee Community College sees significant results

Tallahassee, Fla. (May 29, 2013) - For many community college students developmental math courses can serve as a roadblock instead of a gateway to greater academic achievement. That's why in 2010 Tallahassee Community College partnered with the Carnegie Foundation and other community colleges around the country to develop Statway, an innovative new method to teach developmental math. Now preliminary results are in-and TCC is excited to announce significant increases in achievement.

"Our success rate is at 50%, meaning half of the students who sign up for Statway earn 3 credit hours of college-level math in two semesters-that's significantly higher that the success rate of students who go through a traditional developmental mathematics path," said Dr. Frank Brown, TCC dean of Science and Mathematics. "It's great to see such promising results so early, and our goal is to help our students succeed at even high levels."

The nationwide network of colleges first launched the Statway program during the 2011-2012 academic year. The first cohort of Statway students began in the fall of 2011. This initial cohort of students spanned 19 community colleges and two state universities across five states. In total, there were 50 faculty teaching 55 sections of Statway with 1,133 students enrolled. In Florida, other participating colleges include Valencia College and Miami Dade College.

Statway emphasizes conceptual understanding and the ability to apply mathematical skills to the world around students, particularly when it comes to careers.

For more information on the Carnegie Foundation's Statway program and its other community college pathways, visit Student interested in enrolling in the Statway courses at TCC should contact the Division of Science and Mathematics at 850-201-8499 or email .