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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Politifact Mischaracterizes $480M in Pay Raises for Teachers Setting the Record Straight

  • Politifact oversimplifies teacher pay raises.
  • Final legislation funds $480 million for every teacher.
  • Districts have full authority to negotiate immediate pay raises for teachers.

Claim: "They are not immediate."

Fact: Pay raises can be immediate based on conforming language in SB 1514. In some counties, collective bargaining is going on right now and will include discussions of this pay raise.

Claim: "There is still no mandate that every teacher get a raise."

Fact: This is the first time in history that money has been appropriated specifically for salary increases. However, employees have a right to collectively bargain over how this money is distributed. This collective bargaining process ensures that all teachers have a say in determining the best way to distribute the pay raises.

Claim: "School professionals be judged based on 2013-14 performance evaluations to be determined by school districts and approved by the state Department of Education."

Fact: Based on conforming language in SB 1514, districts have the flexibility to award on a number of criteria, including current evaluations, future year evaluations and other criteria. It is not limited to 2013-14 evaluations

Claim: The Florida Education Association's stance on Governor Scott's proposal:

"However, it must be kept in mind that other funding increases are being provided to school districts," said FEA spokesman Mark Pudlow. "Presumably, that money could be bargained for increased salaries, so technically, every Florida teacher 'may get a pay raise."

Fact: Based on new conforming language in SB 1514, Andy Ford, the President of the FEA stated:

"The FEA has been diligently working with Gov. Rick Scott in order to get this language in the best possible manner. We had a plan, we worked the plan, and we were successful. The new language added to the conforming bill gives locals the maximum flexibility. We applaud the governor's continuing insistence on as much flexibility as possible."