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Monday, April 29, 2013

DOE Press Office

What They Are Saying… Florida's Leaders Celebrate Teacher Pay Raises

Michael A. Grego, Pinellas County Superintendent:
"I want to say thank you to our legislators, to our governor for recognizing the importance of increasing salaries for teachers, administrators, librarians, media specialist and social workers, psychologists, all of those folks that are classified under instruction. We look forward in Pinellas County to establish and submit a plan that works for Pinellas County and I'll have that plan approved and get some of those dollars into the hands of our instructional stuff."

Andy Ford, Florida Education Association President:
"FEA thanks Governor Scott for his efforts to provide an immediate across-the-board pay increase to Florida's classroom teachers in recognition of their demonstrated performance which has brought Florida's education system to sixth in the nation… Through the collective bargaining process, FEA remains committed to working with local school districts to develop fair, valid, reliable and transparent processes to reward the success of Florida's teaching force."

Don Gatez, Senate President:
"Our Governor has also led the way in lifting up Florida's schools and teachers, resulting in a $1 billion increase in public education funding including $480 million for pay raises for teachers."

Will Weatherford, House Speaker:
"This is an incredible win for the teachers and students of our state."

Seth McKeel, House Budget Chairman:
"We're happy that we reached $480 million worth of teacher salary increases that ensures that performance is a part of that package."

Rep. Alan Williams, Tweet (@Alan4Florida):
"The raise amounts @willweatherford appropriations staff led by @sethmckeel offered are $2500 - $3500 for teachers! This is big 4 teachers #fb"