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Monday, February 4, 2013

DOE Press Office

Web Portal Helps Students Make Smart College Choices

Tallahassee, Fla., February 4, 2013 - Thousands of Florida students can now make smarter decisions about the right college thanks to new information through the Smart College Choices web portal. The portal - which made its debut in July 2012 - was recently updated to include more current data regarding job placement, earnings, and various other measures.

"Our colleges are committed to providing students with the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to be successful in the workforce," said Randy Hanna, chancellor of the Florida College System. "The Smart College Choices web portal is an excellent tool for prospective and current students as they make decisions about their futures."

Using outcome data from the Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program, the portal is designed to be a user-friendly way for the public to get information about the career path of Florida College System students after graduation. It allows users to view graduation rates, employment statistics, and earnings data for graduates of the 28 Florida College System institutions and Florida Public School District Career Centers.

Sarah Bruner, a student at Tallahassee Community College said, "The Smart College Choices web portal helped me plan for my future career by showing me education programs that lead to good jobs. It really helped me understand how my education at Tallahassee Community College will prepare me for the career of my choosing."

In addition to helping students, Smart College Choices has proved to be an invaluable resource to colleges and businesses.

"The Smart College Choices web portal is one of my 'go to' sources for information pertaining to programs offered throughout the Florida College System," said Dr. Brian K. Shonk, dean of career and technical education at Northwest Florida State College. "The portal allows me to easily access, sort, and assess key comparison points that indicate the quality and effectiveness of our programs. Using the portal, I find that information which used to take me hours to compile is now only a few mouse clicks away."

"Preparing talent to support Florida's economy is critical to our success as a state," said Jennifer Grove, Gulf Power's Workforce Development coordinator. "Businesses like Gulf Power are committed to building strong communities across our region and Florida, which includes helping ensure we have a workforce that matches our Florida industries' needs. Smart College Choices web portal is a great tool for students, parents, and educators to use as they make choices or influence decisions about students' futures."

To use the web tool, please visit Smart-College-Choices.