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Friday, December 21, 2012

DOE Press Office
(850) 245-0413

What They Are Saying... Department releases high school grades

Florida State Board of Education Chairman Gary Chartrand: "Florida's teachers and students continue to meet the challenge of higher academic expectations. When we expect more from our students they achieve more."

Florida State Board of Education Vice Chair Roberto Martinez: "These results are the product of a great deal of hard work by our excellent teachers, principals, and motivated students. Although these results are meaningful and positive, we must continue to improve to ensure our students are able to compete successfully in a 21st century economy."

Florida State Board of Education Member Dr. A.K. Desai: "Florida's accountability system is growing more robust and a providing a clearer picture of our education system as the inclusion of exceptional student center schools, learning gains, and English Language Learners, garner more weight in high school grades."

Florida State Board of Education Member Barbara Feingold: "Our students and teachers work tirelessly each day in the classroom to meet increasing performance standards and are demonstrating a yeoman's job at meeting the challenge."

Escambia County Teacher and Commissioner's Taskforce on Inclusion and Accountability Member Arelene Morado Costello: "By including all students in the Florida's school grade formula, our state shows its commitment to an inclusive education system."

Broward County School District Superintendent Robert Runcie: "Florida is leading the nation on raising the bar on student achievement and teacher performance. Broward County continues to work with students, teachers and all education stakeholders as we fully transition to Common Core State Standards and work together so every student performs at their full potential."

Rep. Erik Fresen, Chair, Education Appropriations Subcommittee: "Florida continues to raise the bar of our educational system and our students and teachers continue to meet the challenge. As we move forward with full implementation of the Common Core State Standards the challenges will become more rigorous but we trust that with continued professional development for teachers and clear expectations for students Florida will continue to be a national leader."

Florida State Board of Education Member John Padget: "The school grade model encourages student participation and performance in accelerated courses and we are seeing respectable results in this area. Overall, participation in accelerated courses has increased by 10 percent and student success in these courses has increased by 17 percent. Students who take more rigorous courses will be better prepared for college and career."

Florida State Board of Education Member Kathleen Shanahan: "Florida's teachers and students should be commended for demonstrating this level of achievement in a year when graduation rates are more rigorous and post-secondary readiness indicators are more comprehensive. Florida's teachers are diligently working so that each student reaches their full potential and is prepared for college and career."

Florida State Board of Education Member Sally Bradshaw: "Together as a team, we all play an integral role in advancing our education system and preparing for full transition to the Common Core State Standards. Our students are facing higher performance standards and are meeting the challenge head-on. Congratulations to Florida's principals, teachers, and students for continuing to achieve at such high levels."

Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart: "I want to thank students, teachers, parents, and school leaders throughout the state for their commitment to academic success. This year's results reflect both higher standards and temporary safeguards the State Board of Education approved to help smooth the transition. As we continue toward implementing Common Core State Standards and assessments, we will continue to raise the bar as we prepare our students for success beyond high school."

Orange County School District Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins: "The school board and I are extremely proud of our teachers, students, and school leaders who work hard to meet or exceed goals. These results reflect their effort as well as the effort of our central office. Clearly there will be further discussion regarding how ESE centers should be graded. We also realize that our high school grades next year may look different as we incorporate end-of-course assessments for biology and geometry. We are diligently preparing for Common Core and fully implementing the standards that help ensure our students are ready to compete in a global economy."