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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DOE Press Office
(850) 245-0413

Statement By: Education Commissioner Dr. Eric J. Smith Regarding Achieve survey on preparing high school graduates for college or career

“Yesterday, Achieve released the results of a nationwide survey “Achieving the Possible: What Americans Think About the College- and Career-Ready Agenda” that examined registered voter’s views on preparing all high school students for college and careers. Throughout my lifelong career as an educator, preparing students for postsecondary education and the workforce has always been one of my highest priorities. The demands of a global society require that our students have additional education and training after high school if they are to be competitive in today’s workforce and it is reassuring to see that the vast majority of Americans agree with this reality. With the adoption of the Common Core Standards and more rigorous high school graduation requirements, Florida is in a very good position to ensure that our graduates will be well prepared to take the next steps toward their future success.”