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Press Release

Thursday, July 29, 2010

DOE Press Office
(850) 245-0413

Statement By: Education Commissioner Dr. Eric J. Smith Regarding today’s meeting with school district officials on preliminary FCAT audit data

“Today, school district officials from different regions of the state traveled to Tallahassee to sit down with me and review preliminary data from the two independent audits that are currently being conducted on this year’s FCAT results. The main purpose of this meeting was to continue the important dialogue around this issue and allow our districts to contribute their feedback as the auditors continue their analysis. Equally important, I wanted our district partners to have direct conversations with the auditors so they could present additional concerns and ask questions about the preliminary data.

“As expected, the conversations were both candid and productive, and I want to thank today’s participants for being a part of this process and for helping the auditors with this important work. I’m encouraged that these discussions will result in a more complete independent review that will address all questions and concerns that have been raised. Collaboration and communication continue to be essential throughout this process and I look forward to continuing this conversation with our districts and working with them to ensure we stay on track in our preparations for the upcoming school year.”