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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DOE Press Office
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Statement By: State Board of Education Chairman T. Willard Fair Regarding FCAT discussion during yesterday’s State Board of Education meeting

“Yesterday the Florida State Board of Education heard from NCS Pearson’s President, Douglas Kubach, about the technology issues they have been experiencing that have led to widespread delays in the reporting of FCAT results this year. We certainly appreciate Mr. Kubach’s apology and were pleased that his company has committed to cover additional expenses that will be incurred by school districts beyond the contract cap on damages. These damages, along with Pearson’s pledge to reimburse school districts for extra costs associated with the delays do not correct the situation, but they will help to alleviate the negative impact that is being felt throughout our schools and communities.”

Board’s conclusion regarding the contract procurement process:
In addition to hearing about the reasons for the delays, the Board was briefed by representatives of the Department of Education’s legal and assessment offices on the integrity of the procurement process used to secure a new testing contractor. The two viable bids received were reviewed and scored by 10 formal evaluators (seven more than required), each containing an appropriate background to ensure a thorough and accurate review of the proposals. It was also clear that the evaluators conducted their reviews using a clear and transparent approach that allowed for public viewing of the process. As a result of this lengthy and thorough evaluation, Pearson not only received a much higher technical score compared to their competitor, but they were able to offer a much lower cost for their services. It was the Board’s conclusion that the most appropriate vendor was selected and that the integrity of the procurement process was firmly upheld.