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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

DOE Press Office
(850) 245-0413

Statement By: Education Commissioner Dr. Eric J. Smith Regarding delays in the reporting of 2010 FCAT results

“The lack of performance by the state’s new testing contractor, NCS Pearson, is absolutely unacceptable, and the delays we have encountered in the reporting of this year’s FCAT results are not indicative of the smooth, expertly-managed experience they promised as a part of the contract procurement process.

“I would like to extend my most sincere apologies to our parents who rely on the timely reporting of this information to determine the appropriate educational services for their child. I would also like to apologize to our educators and school administrators who need this information to ensure every student is receiving the kind of support and assistance they need to be successful. Please be assured that the Department’s focus remains on the integrity and accuracy of the students’ scores that are issued, and although delayed, these results will uphold the same level of quality and reliability that our stakeholders rely upon.

“I am both outraged and frustrated by the situation Pearson has caused and I do not intend to allow these inexcusable delays to go unanswered. In addition to demanding that Pearson ensure all future test administrations are absent of the technology issues we have experienced this year, I also intend to impose significant financial penalties as a result of their failure to meet contract deadlines.

“I truly appreciate the overwhelming amount of patience that has been shown throughout our communities as we continue to work with Pearson around-the-clock to release these scores as soon as possible.”