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Press Release

Friday, December 5, 2008

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James Rosenberg
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Adopt-A-Classroom Makes Donating to Florida Schools Easy

~ Innovative program brings community support directly into the classroom ~

TALLAHASSEE – Florida’s State Board of Education was treated to an uplifting and beneficial presentation earlier this week about Adopt-A-Classroom, an innovative not-for-profit program that provides donated funds to teachers for use in their classrooms. The presentation was delivered by the organization’s founder and Executive Director, James Rosenberg, who explained how the program uses Internet-based technology to link donors with the specific needs of classrooms around the nation.

“Floridians have always been generous supporters of education and even in challenging financial times they can be found searching for ways to provide additional resources to their schools,” said Education Commissioner Dr. Eric J. Smith. “The Adopt-A-Classroom program makes it easy to identify teachers in the area that need that extra bit of assistance to boost educational opportunities for their students.”

At only a decade old, Adopt-A-Classroom has made some very impressive contributions to education both locally and across the nation. The program has raised $1.7 million for classrooms throughout Florida and improved the learning environment for more than 200,000 children. Nationally, the numbers climb to $9.1 million for classrooms with improved learning environments for more than 750,000 children.

“The heart of learning takes place inside the classroom. The more support Floridians can provide classroom teachers, the more opportunities we have for all children to reach their highest potential,” said Mr. Rosenberg. “Adopt-A-Classroom is a simple, but highly effective, way for citizens to make a meaningful impact in education.”

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