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February 1, 2007

Cathy Schroeder
(850) 245-0413

Statement by Community College and Workforce Education Chancellor David Armstrong
Regarding the Increase in the Pell Grant Amount Announced as Part of President George W. Bush's Budget Priorities

"This increase will help Florida's middle class and low income families realize their dreams of going to college. Attending college and learning workforce skills, or attaining an associates or bachelor's degree, is increasingly the passport to the American Dream. No longer is a high school diploma enough for most high-skill, high-wage jobs. And for many Floridians, the Pell Grant is the return on their years of paying federal taxes that will help them achieve their educational and career goals.

More than 80 percent of Florida students who start college and who qualify for a Pell Grant start their college careers at a community college. I urge our state's congressional delegation to support the recommended increases in order to help the many thousands who use it as the foundation for being able to pay their way to college."