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February 1, 2007

Bill Edmonds, Director of Communications
(850) 245-0466

SUS Chancellor Mark Rosenberg applauds President Bush's enhancement of Pell Grants for students to attend college

TALLAHASSEE — Chancellor Mark B. Rosenberg today applauded news that President George Bush would call for enhanced funding for Pell Grants in his budget recommendation to be released Monday.

"The Board of Governors is delighted that President Bush is making this significant commitment to maintaining access to higher education through this initiative," Rosenberg said. "It further highlights the Florida Legislature's wisdom in expanding support for need-based financial assistance through the First Generation Matching Grant program."

Rosenberg added that eliminating financial roadblocks to higher education for all Florida families is a priority for the Board of Governors. "President Bush is taking the right steps to assist students," Rosenberg said. "This is a tremendous help."

The Board of Governors is the constitutional body created by voters in 2002 to guide the State University System of Florida.