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2006 Press Releases

Date Press Releases
12/22/2006 Florida Ships Documentation to Verify Attempt to Break a World Record 
12/19/2006 Department of Education Releases Charter School 10-year Anniversary Report 
12/18/2006 Annual Essay Contest Promotes Culture of Preparedness 
12/15/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Florida High School Graduation Rate 
12/13/2006 Statement by Education Commissioner John L. Winn Regarding FEA Challenge of Special Teachers Are Rewarded (STAR) Program 
12/12/2006 Statement by Education Commissioner John L. Winn Regarding Selection of State Board of Education Leadership 
12/12/2006 Statement by Florida State Board of Education Chairman T. Willard Fair Regarding Selection as State Board of Education Chairman 
12/11/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Approved Major Areas of Interest 
12/8/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Kindergarten Readiness Results 
12/8/2006 Seven Florida Public Schools Receive National Blue Ribbon School Recognition 
12/8/2006 Florida State Board of Education to Honor High-performing Principals 
12/6/2006 Governor Bush and First Lady Bush Announce Reading in the Arts Contest Winners 
12/4/2006 Governor Bush and New York City Mayor Bloomberg Announce Joint Effort to Lobby Congress for Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind Act 
11/29/2006 Class Size Compliance Documents 
11/29/2006 Statement by Education Commissioner John L. Winn Regarding Availability of End-of-Course Exams for STAR Implementation 
11/29/2006 Department of Education Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice Holds 2006 Florida Charter School Conference 
11/22/2006 Governor Bush Encourages Florida Families to Share the Gift of Reading During the Holidays 
11/20/2006 Governor Bush Announces Release of Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests 
11/17/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Florida Student Enrollment Figures 
11/7/2006 Less Than One Week Left to Submit Entries for the 2006 Statewide Reading in the Arts Contest 
10/17/2006 Florida State Board of Education Approves First STAR Plan 
10/13/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces School Bus Safety Week 
10/10/2006 Governor Bush and Mayor Bloomberg Tout Education Reforms at the Association for a Better New York 
10/6/2006 Statement by Education Commissioner John L. Winn Regarding School Safety 
10/5/2006 Department of Education Awards More Than $5 Million in Innovation Grants to Florida Schools 
10/5/2006 Chancellor Yecke Announces Winners of the Middle School Summer Reading Book Challenge 
10/4/2006 Department of Education Holds K-12 Conference 
10/2/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Interagency Agreement to Support Students With Disabilities 
9/22/2006 Less Than One Week Until Florida Middle School Students Attempt to Break a World Record 
9/20/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces 2007-2008 Education Budget Request 
9/18/2006 Florida State Board of Education to Honor High-Performing Principals 
9/15/2006 Education Commissioner Winn Announces Florida Education Foundation Appointments 
9/14/2006 Statement by Governor Jeb Bush Regarding the Manhattan Institute's Social Promotion Study 
9/14/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Agreements With Miami-Dade and Orange County School Districts 
9/14/2006 Education Commissioner Winn Announces Outstanding Principals 
9/12/2006 Statement by Governor Jeb Bush Regarding Koret Task Force Findings 
9/12/2006 National Experts Assess Florida PreK-12 Education 
9/1/2006 Governor Bush and First Lady Bush Launch 2006 Statewide Reading in the Arts Contest 
8/31/2006 Governor Bush Applauds College Board's New "EXCELerator" Program 
8/30/2006 Commissioner Winn Promotes the Importance of School Breakfast 
8/29/2006 Governor Bush Announces Record Number of Florida Students Taking the SAT and AP Exams 
8/25/2006 Governor Bush Announces Florida Middle School Students Attempt to Break a World Record 
8/25/2006 Governor Bush Rewards Academic Performance With $157.6 Million to High-Performing Schools 
8/23/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Top Schools for Making Progress 
8/22/2006 Lt. Governor Jennings and Commissioner Winn Announce $33.4 Million in SUCCEED, Florida! Grants 
8/18/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Top High-Performing Schools 
8/17/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces More Than $80 Million Lawsuit Settlement to Benefit Florida Schools 
8/16/2006 Record Number of Florida High School Graduates Take the ACT 
8/14/2006 How to Help Our Students: Building on the 'No Child' Law 
8/14/2006 Education Commissioner Announces Selection of Hillsborough School District for National SES Pilot Program 
8/4/2006 Education Commissioner Winn Announces Results of 2006 School Grades Appeals 
7/31/2006 Education Commissioner Winn Announces Phase Two of Workforce Education Public Awareness Campaign 
7/24/2006 Governor Bush and Lt. Governor Jennings Join Floridians in Saving Money During the 2006 Sales Tax Holiday 
7/14/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces New College Grants for Florida Students 
7/13/2006 Education Commssioner Announces Conney Dahn as the Florida Department of Education/Macy's 2007 Teacher of the Year 
7/11/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces FCAT Reading Scores Challenge Winner 
7/10/2006 Governor Bush Attends Fifth Annual Just Read, Florida! Leadership Conference 
6/26/2006 Governor Bush Signs Bill Creating New Commission for Charter Schools 
6/23/2006 Bright Futures Medallion Scholars Can Now Attend Florida Community Colleges Tuition Free 
6/22/2006 Governor Bush and Commissioner Winn Announce 2006 School District Grades 
6/21/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Top 10 School Districts Closing the Achievement Gap for Third Through 10th Grades 
6/16/2006 Distinguished Service Award Presented to Department of Education Employee 
6/14/2006 Governor Bush and Commissioner Winn Announce 2006 School Grades 
6/7/2006 Great Florida Teach-in to Be Held in Tampa 
6/5/2006 Governor Bush Signs A++ Plan for Education 
5/25/2006 Governor Bush Signs 2006-2007 Budget 
5/24/2006 Governor Bush and Commissioner Winn Announce FCAT Science Scores for Fifth, Eighth and Eleventh Grades 
5/24/2006 Governor Bush and Commissioner Winn Announce Reading and Mathematics Norm-Referenced Test Scores for Third Through Tenth Grade 
5/24/2006 Science FCAT and NRT District and Summary Reports 
5/23/2006 Governor Bush and Commissioner Winn Announce FCAT Reading and Mathematics Results for Third Through Tenth Grades 
5/23/2006 FCAT Summary Reports 
5/17/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Top 100 Schools for Improved FCAT Writing Scores 
5/15/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Just Read, Florida! K-12 Recommended Summer Reading List 
5/12/2006 Members of the Commissioner's Senior Staff and State Board Members Will Attend an Informal Dinner 
5/11/2006 Chancellor Yecke Launches Middle School Summer Reading Book Challenge 
5/10/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Top 10 School Districts Closing the Achievement Gap 
5/9/2006 2007 Teacher of the Year Finalists Announced 
5/9/2006 New Report Finds Teacher Comparison Data Not Uniform 
5/8/2006 Statement by Education Commissioner John L. Winn Regarding Passage of the Education Budget 
5/5/2006 Statement by Education Commissioner John L. Winn Regarding Passage of the A++ Plan for Education 
5/4/2006 Education Commissioner Winn Announces Chancellor Yecke Appointment 
5/3/2006 Florida Department of Education Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week 
5/3/2006 Governor Bush Announces That Parents Can Now Access Student Scores on the FCAT Parent Network 
5/2/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces Top 10 School Districts for Increases in Third Grade Proficiency 
5/1/2006 Governor Bush and Commissioner Winn Announce FCAT Results for 3rd and 12th Grades 
4/28/2006 Florida Community College Receives Most Prestigious Award for Adult Education in the Country 
4/28/2006 Florida Department of Education to Celebrate National Charter School Week 
4/20/2006 Governor Bush and Commissioner Winn Announce 2006 FCAT Writing Scores 
4/18/2006 New Report Finds Performance Pay Policies Have Positive Impact on Student Performance 
4/18/2006 Commissioner Winn Launches Just Read, Florida! "For Teens, by Teens" Recommended Reading List 
4/18/2006 Education Commissioner Winn and State Board Chairman Handy Announce School-Related Employee of the Year 
4/11/2006 Florida Community Colleges to Receive Funding for Nursing Programs 
4/5/2006 Chancellor Armstrong Recognizes Truman Scholarship Recipient 
4/4/2006 Florida's AYP "Growth Model" Proposal One of Eight Advancing to Peer Review 
4/3/2006 Governor Bush Announces FCAT Parent Network 
4/3/2006 2006 All-Florida Academic Team Announced 
3/31/2006 Governor Bush and Education Commissioner Winn Honor 2005 and 2006 Teachers of the Year 
3/31/2006 Education Commissioner Winn Appoints Superintendent Miller to E-Comp Advisory Committee 
3/28/2006 Chancellor congratulates New College of Florida for "Best Value" rating by Princeton Review 
3/23/2006 Florida Department of Education Announces New Website to Support Leadership  
3/20/2006 Board of Governors chair, Chancellor issue statement on court order ratifying board's authority 
3/20/2006 Florida Department of Education Honored With Prudential Financial Davis Productivity Awards 
3/17/2006 Education Commissioner Appoints E-Comp Advisory Committee 
3/9/2006 Florida Celebrates National School Breakfast Week 
3/7/2006 Governor Bush Stresses Priorities in 2006 State of the State Address 
3/3/2006 FACTS.ORG to Host ePEP Regional Trainings 
3/2/2006 Education Commissioner Winn Announces Workforce Education Public Awareness Campaign 
2/24/2006 Florida Community College Matching Grants Program Leads the Nation 
2/21/2006 National Governors Association Awards Florida Grant to Improve Adolescent Literacy 
2/21/2006 State Board of Education Action 
2/20/2006 Governor Bush Visits the Commonwealth of the Bahamas 
2/17/2006 Florida Submits "Growth Model" Proposal to the U.S. Department of Education 
2/16/2006 Financial Aid Deadline Quickly Approaches 
2/15/2006 Governor Bush and Commissioner Winn Launch Online Reading Resource for Florida Educators 
2/14/2006 Governor Bush and Lt. Governor Jennings Announce New Middle and High School Reform Measures 
2/10/2006 Statement From Commissioner Winn Regarding FEA Challenge to "E-Comp" Plan for Teachers 
2/10/2006 Florida Department of Education Unveils "Effectiveness Compensation" Plan for Teachers 
2/8/2006 SUS Access and Diversity Team to meet Thursday at UCF 
2/7/2006 Governor Bush and Education commissioner Winn Announce Increase in Advanced Placement  
2/2/2006 Education Commissioner Announces Black History Month Recommended Reading List 
2/2/2006 Governor Bush and U.S. Education Secretary Spellings Participate in National Education Data Summit 
2/1/2006 Bush/Jennings 2006-2007 Budget Funds Education at Record Levels 
1/31/2006 Governor Bush Announces $1.5 Billion in New Tax Cuts for Floridians 
1/23/2006 Governor Bush Announces $239 Million Initiative to Recruit and Retain Teachers 
1/19/2006 State Board of Education Approves 2006 Legislative Priorities 
1/18/2006 Access Task Force Holds Final Meeting 
1/18/2006 Florida Community Colleges Receive Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Funds 
1/18/2006 Education Commissioner Launches Middle School Reading Initiative 
1/17/2006 2006 Florida Teacher of the Year Chosen as National Finalist 
1/11/2006 Statement From State Board of Education Chairman Phil Handy Regarding Co-Teaching 
1/10/2006 2006 Hazardous Weather Awareness Week Short Essay Contest Announced 
1/9/2006 Governor Bush Appoints Three to The State Board of Education 
1/9/2006 Commissioner Winn Announces 2005 Education "Year in Review" 
1/5/2006 Statement From State Board of Education Chairman Phil Handy Regarding the Florida Supreme Court Decision on the Opportunity Scholarship Program 
1/5/2006 Statement by Governor Jeb Bush Regarding Florida Supreme Court Decision on Opportunity Scholarships