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February 10, 2006

Jennifer Fennell or
Cathy Schroeder
(850) 245-0413

Statement From Commissioner Winn Regarding FEA Challenge to "E-Comp" Plan for Teachers

"National education experts agree and research confirms that the quality of a teacher is the number one contributor to student success. It is in the best interest of Florida's students that we augment our efforts to attract and retain the most effective teachers. The E-Comp plan provides us with another avenue for rewarding our high-performing teachers. The mechanism for identifying the highest-performing teachers is fair and equitable, providing all Florida teachers with an opportunity to receive this reward. Contrary to the Florida Education Association's (FEA) assertions, this plan does provide the clearly defined goals and parameters for achieving those goals they claim to crave. Further, it provides a clear framework for meeting the minimum requirements of the law.

Ample opportunity to provide feedback and input regarding this rule that will help clarify the implementation of a true performance-based pay system was provided. I am disappointed that the FEA has chosen to block our efforts to do what is best for Florida's students.

It would be a travesty if the FEA delays for even one more year our attempt to recognize and reward Florida's outstanding teachers."