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January 25, 2006

Bill Edmonds
Director of Communications
(850) 245-0466

Florida universities receive more than $90 million from Congress to support special research projects for 2006 budget year

GAINESVILLE — Chancellor Mark Rosenberg announced today that the State University System of Florida received more than $90 million in special project funding from Congress in support of university research.

Rosenberg noted that Florida's public universities enjoyed another year of strong support for their research agendas despite significant cutbacks in federal program spending.

"This was a tough budget year," Rosenberg said. "Congress faced continuing costs for wars, hurricane relief and deficit reduction, and so the State University System faced huge obstacles in maintaining our edge in congressionally supported research. Our delegation in Washington worked very hard on our behalf."

Congress completed action on appropriations bills in December, which will fund the government through September.

John Cavanaugh, president of the University of West Florida and chair of the State University Presidents Association, said that Congressman Bill Young, who is vice-chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, was steadfast in making sure Florida's universities got their fair share of funds.

"Chairman Young has long been the construction foreman for our united efforts in Washington," Cavanaugh said. "He has continually prioritized university research in his appropriations work. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to him for all he has done to enhance our work with federal government agencies. We also are grateful to all of our members who worked with Congressmen Allen Boyd, Ander Crenshaw and Dave Weldon who are also on the appropriations committee in addition to Senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez."

Among projects funded in the congressional appropriations process, the State University System received sixth-year funding for its system-wide anti-terrorism research project, which brings together expertise from across the system and has propelled Florida into the forefront in chemical, biological and rapid response work.

Recently, the State University System of Florida and Johns Hopkins University joined forces to win a competitive national Homeland Security Center grant in high consequence disaster management. Cavanaugh said that winning this grant was the direct result of the congressional support the state has received over the past several years.

Florida's universities also were rewarded with system-wide grants in hurricane mitigation research, advanced turbines research with NASA and robotics research for the defense department. System work in aging long-term care, port security, hydrogen research and electric power infrastructure will also continue.

In addition to combined system work, the 11 public universities won support for several agricultural research projects, medical and public health initiatives and marine sciences transportation and environmental projects.

A report listing each university's research projects receiving funding from Congress is attached.

In addition to the more than $90 million in new research funds, the SUS institutions will also receive about $31 million in congressionally sponsored grants approved in the '05 budget.

Chancellor Rosenberg and President Cavanaugh said planning was under way for the FY 2007 budget year. The State University System of Florida is one of the few university systems in the country that consolidates and advances its requests in a one-stop shopping portfolio, and Rosenberg credits this cooperative approach with contributing to the continued success in Washington. For the past six years, all of the state's 11 public universities have received special project funds for cutting-edge national research.

"Our ability to come together and work together is a distinct advantage," said Rosenberg. "It has paid great dividends for the past several years in promoting the expertise of State University System in Washington."

FY 2006 Project Funding and FY 2005 Carry-Over Funding

Here are the special project appropriations designated for the State University System of Florida in FY 2006, with details on FY 2005 carry-over projects and funds that the SUS will be able to administer this year or over the next 18 months.

When carry-over funds are included for projects that were appropriated in FY 2005, but not obligated to our universities until late in the fiscal year or, in some cases, which are still pending, the SUS will realize over $123 million in funds for 62 projects.

The accompanying analysis includes a review of the congressional projects funded for the SUS in FY 2006 and FY 2005 projects that will be funded and operative throughout FY 2006.

The FY 2005 projects are designated by a * next to the project name to differentiate their funding status from those appropriated this past year. In some cases, the same project will be listed twice — this simply means appropriations in both 06 and 05 with carry-over authority due to late or forthcoming obligations.

(in millions)
Advanced Turbines Research $3.0 Commerce UCF Lead
Biological/Chemical Controls $8.5 Defense USF Lead
*Biological/Chemical Controls $8.5 Defense USF Lead
*Electric Power Grid $5.0 Energy FSU Lead
*Hydrogen R & D $7.5 VA/HUD UCF Lead
*Intermodal Port Security $2.5 Transp. FAU Lead
Hurricane Mitigation Alliance $2.1 Commerce FIU Lead
Team Performance/Optimization
in Agent Teams
$4.0 Defense UCF Lead

Note: Due to a congressional decision to include no special projects in the Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations bill in FY 2006, the Aging Long Term Care (USF Lead) and Reading, Math, Science (FSU Lead) projects received no funding. Projects may continue depending on availability of funds.

(in millions)
Biological Controls $1.0 Ag FAMU
Bio/Nano Electric Devices $1.0 Defense FIU
Biomedical Engineering $1.5 Defense USF
Broadband Electronics $1.5 Defense UF
Center for Energy/Technology
of the Americas
$1.0 Energy FIU


(in millions)
Cattle Feed Efficiency $ .160 Ag UF
Center for Runway Friction $2.0 Commerce USF
Chloroplast Research $ .580 Ag UCF
Coastline Security Technology $2.2 Defense FAU
Cooperative Unmanned
Ground and Aerial Vehicles
$1.0 Defense USF
Comprehensive Research Exotic Pests $9.548 Ag UF, et al
Citrus Tresteza Research $ .691 Ag UF
Citrus Canker Research $ .500 Ag UF
Climate Forecasting $3.620 Ag FSU, et al
Diaprepes Research $ .500 Ag UF
Durability of Composite Materials $1.250 Defense FAU
*Early Detection Red Tides $ .250 VA/HUD FGCU
*Econtoxicology Training $ .200 VA/HUD NCF
Food Animal Residue $ .806 Ag UF
Florida Law Enforcement $ .150 Commerce UCF
*Florida Law Enforcement $ .250 Commerce UCF
Future Affordable Combat Vehicles $3.0 Defense FAMU
Grapefruit Drug Addiction $ .344 Ag UF
Gulf Coast Composite Alliance $1.0 Defense FAMU
Integrated Functional Materials $1.0 Defense USF
In Vitro Surrogate Lung Research $1.0 Defense UCF
Joint Military Leadership Project $3.875 Defense USF
Juvenile Justice Enforcement (language only) $ .450 Commerce FSU
*Juvenile Justice Model Program $ .500 Commerce FSU
Military Surgeon Training $2.0 Defense UF, Shands
MEMS Research $2.4 Defense USF
Mobile Distance Learning $1.0 Defense UWF
Nanotubes (NOLES) $2.0 Defense FSU
National Functional Genomics
(not on SUS list)
$5.0 Defense USF/Moffitt
Next Generation Dual Use Technologies $1.0 Defense FGCU
National Bus Rapid Transit $6.0 Transp. USF (over 6 years)
Novel Silicon Technology $1.0 Defense USF
Oyster Post Harvest $ .466 Ag UF
Partnership Environmental Research (PERCH) $ .500 Interior UWF
*Rapid Sensor Networking $1.5 Defense UNF
(2 grants) $1.0 Defense UNF
Reparative Core Medicine $1.0 Defense USF


(in millions)
*Real-Time Mesoscale Environmental Monitoring $ .250 VA/HUD UNF
*Restoration Everglades Research $ .200 VA/HUD FIU
*Robotics Research $1.0 Defense USF
Small Business Development $1.0 Commerce UWF
*Software Productivity Develop. $2.1 Defense USF
Standoff Sensors, Radionnuclicide $4.0 Defense FAMU
Tesla Human Whole-Body Research $1.0 Defense UF
Transportation, Special Needs $ .750 Transp. FIU
*Transportation, Special Needs $ .600 Transp. FIU
Tropical Aquaculture $ .211 Ag UF
Underwater Auton. Sensors $4.8 Defense USF
Western Hemisphere Information Exchange $1.250 Defense FIU
X-Ray Photonics $ .700 Energy UCF


TOTAL REVENUE FY 2006: $92.495 million


**TOTAL FY 2005 REVENUE OBLIGATED FY 2006(EST): $31.350 million

**05 projects and revenue estimates based on status report from all universities received by SUS Washington office in September, 2005.