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April 14, 2005

Vivian Myrtetus
(850) 245-0413

Education Commissioner to Attend Battlebots IQ National Championship

Education Commissioner John L. Winn will tomorrow attend the BattleBots IQ 2005 Robotic National Competition in Orlando. The all-day event will feature robots built and designed by student teams from throughout the nation.

Commissioner Winn will attend the competition at:
2:00 p.m.
Universal Studios - Nickelodeon
1000 Universal Studios Plaza, Building 22A

BattleBots IQ is an educational program developed from the BattleBots® television series in which student-made, custom remote-controlled robots face off in competition. The BattleBots Robotic Curriculum is a program of studies that unleashes the creative potential of mathematical reasoning, scientific analysis, and the clear articulation of ideas.