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August 14, 2003

Frances Marine
(850) 245-0413

Education Commissioner Jim Horne Announces Results of 2003 School Grade Appeals

TALLAHASSEE — Education Commissioner Jim Horne today announced the results of the 2003 school grade appeals under Governor Bush's A+ Plan.

"Through the appeals process, we learned that even more of our schools are moving in the right direction," said Horne. "The appeals process ensures the integrity of our school grading system by providing schools with the opportunity to submit additional information before final grades are assigned."

A total of 112 schools in 31 districts filed appeals. Thirty-one of the appeals resulted in a grade change, five schools were reclassified as "new," and 76 grades remained unchanged. Changes were as follows:

  • Seven schools went from a B to an A;
  • Four schools went from a C to a B;
  • Six schools went from a D to a C;
  • One school went from an F to a D;
  • Appeals by seven schools previously marked as incomplete (I) because they did not test enough students resulted in two As, one B, two Cs, two Ds, and one F; and
  • Appeals by six schools initially misidentified resulted in four As, one B, and one C.

In addition, four other incompletes were resolved. Of those:

  • Three became Cs;
  • One became a D.

2002-2003 School Grade Distribution AFTER Appeals

Type A B C D F N NA Totals
ELEMENTARY 869 339 272 52 16 43 1 1592
MIDDLE 245 122 85 18 1 16 487
HIGH SCHOOL 57 80 142 53 12 12 356
COMBINATION 71 26 37 15 6 9 164
Totals 1242 567 536 138 35 80 1 2599

A listing of the results in Excel format is attached.