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January 8, 2002

CONTACT: Lauren Cain
Director of Communications

Florida Board of Education Applauds Governor Bush's $1 Billion Increase in Seamless Education Funding

The Florida Board of Education today applauded Governor Jeb Bush's recommendations to fund a $1 billion increase in education in 2002-03, during a conference call briefing.

During the briefing, Chairman of the Florida Board of Education Phil Handy said the Governor's recommendations reflect the FBOE's efforts to build a seamless, student-centered delivery system of education and to maintain the commitment to greater devolution for state universities.

The Florida Board of Education issued its budget recommendations in August 2001, prior to a special session of the Legislature during which the current year's budget was adapted to reflect revenue shortfalls. In reviewing the Governor's education budget recommendations, Chairman Handy said the Governor clearly took into account the Florida Board's recommendations.

"The Governor's budget recommendations support the state's new K-20 system and this board's call for flexibility, devolution and recognition of the state's education priorities," Chairman Handy said. "Any review of this budget recommendation will leave no doubt that education is the Governor's top priority."

During the briefing, Secretary of Education Jim Horne reinforced that the Governor's recommendations mirrored the board's K-20 budget recommendations in several areas:

  • Enrollment increases at all levels of education delivery and their important role in the state's economic strength.
  • Continued devolution of authority to the state's universities to provide them the same governance authority enjoyed by community colleges, including tuition flexibility for out-of-state and graduate students and independent status over operations.
  • Commitment to K-20 leadership training on key issues related to seamlessness, including accountability, standards, administrative and academic best practices, remediation, and articulation.
  • Flexibility for local school districts to manage resources more effectively.
  • Recognition of the vital role of community colleges in meeting critical workforce needs in the areas of nursing and teaching.

"Governor Bush's education budget contains two elements that are critical to student success: increased funding for priorities and greater flexibility coupled with accountability," Secretary Horne said.

A copy of the Governor's budget recommendations is available through the Florida Board of Education website at