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2001 Press Releases

Date Press Releases
12/20/2001 Statement By Governor Jeb Bush Regarding University of South Florida Professor Al-Arian 
12/20/2001 Statement from Florida Board of Education Secretary Jim Horne Regarding the University of South Florida 
12/19/2001 University Presidents Oppose Graham Amendment 
12/18/2001 Crist, Cabinet Approve Grading Rule for School Accountability System 
12/17/2001 Governor Bush Signs School District Flexibility Act 
12/14/2001 Florida Board of Education Recommends Comprehensive Revision of State 
12/14/2001 Education Secretary Rescinds More Than Half of State University Chancellor 
12/11/2001 Governor and Mrs. Bush Announce Essay Contest to Celebrate Black History Month 
12/10/2001 Florida Leads Nation in Linking Workforce Education Funding to Performance 
12/7/2001 Florida Board of Education Approves Selection Process and Job Descriptions for K-20 Leadership Team 
11/20/2001 Statement from Florida Board of Education Secretary Jim Horne regarding K-20 budget motion 
11/16/2001 Statement from Florida Board of Education Secretary Jim Horne Regarding the Kick-off of the Education Excellence for Florida Constitutional Amendment Initiative 
9/28/2001 Secretary Horne issues statement on death of Sue Young 
9/21/2001 Community College Preliminary Enrollment Figures up 10% Overall 
9/20/2001 Florida Education Secretary Announces No-Penalty Policy for Students Called into National Service 
9/18/2001 Florida Student Association, Florida Board of Education Partner to Study Improved Retention Among Minority Students 
9/5/2001 Education Secretary Extends Deadline for Pre-College Exam Orders and Urges All 10th Graders to Participate 
8/22/2001 Florida Board of Education Approves State’s First K-20 Education Budget 
8/2/2001 Education Commissioner and Secretary Announce Partnership for Success to Transition to K-20 Governance 
7/26/2001 State's new trustees receive day-long orientation  
7/23/2001 Governor Bush Announces Appointments to the Council for Education Policy and Research 
7/19/2001 Florida Education Secretary Urges U.S. Senators to Work Together to Ensure Increased Funding for State Universities