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November 20, 2001

CONTACT: Lauren Cain
Director of Communications

Statement from Florida Board of Education Secretary Jim Horne regarding K-20 budget motion

Florida Board of Education Secretary Jim Horne issued the following statement today regarding the action of the board regarding the K-20 education budget:

On behalf of the Florida Board of Education, It is my intention to work with the Florida Legislature, on behalf of the Florida Board of Education, to ensure that no single education delivery system will bear the brunt of budget cuts to spare another delivery system. The motion passed today by the Florida Board of Education regarding the upcoming special session of the legislature was intended to recognize the tremendous student enrollment growth at Florida's community colleges.

In fact, we must recognize that the student population has grown in all areas of education and this has placed an even greater burden on all delivery systems. At no time did the Florida Board of Education endorse the idea of cutting the budget of any one delivery system in an effort to spare another. We have and will continue to work with the Legislature to determine an equitable approach to balance Florida's budget while maintaining those programs in all delivery systems that support the priorities of our state.

We recognize that everyone must share in the sacrifice and that no single system is immune to the legislature's responsibilty to balance the budget.