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September 20, 2001

CONTACT: Lauren Cain
Director of Communications

Florida Education Secretary Announces No-Penalty Policy for Students Called into National Service

Jacksonville - Florida Board of Education Secretary Jim Horne today announced a policy of full support - including refunds of tuition and fees - for students called into national service as a result of the recent attacks against the United States.

The announcement was made at the Florida Board of Education's monthly meeting, being held at Florida Community College-Jacksonville, Deerwood Center.

"It is important that we do our part in education," Secretary Horne said. "There are many among us - we don't know who will be called up. This policy is reflective of the students we serve." During his report to the Florida Board, Secretary Horne made the following statement:

"At this time of national emergency it is imperative that we provide full support for those students and personnel in our education system who are called upon to serve our country in the military or who are otherwise adversely affected by this national tragedy.

"We will assure that no student will suffer academic or financial penalties in our education system by virtue of being called to serve our country in the military service. This will include refunding tuition and fees for courses not completed and allowing course started but not completed to be completed at a later date without penalty if the student so selects.

"We will also assure that any employees of our system who are called to serve the nation are provided the full benefits provided by law."