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General Education Information

Other Specialized Instruction for Public K-12 Students

English Instruction for Limited English Proficient Students

Florida’s schools have a program for students who do not speak and write English well. This program assists students learn English in order that they participate well in a traditional classroom. When students are first enrolled in school the question will be asked of you regarding your child’s English speaking and writing abilities. If you indicate the child needs additional assistance, school district personnel will screen the child to determine their language skill and knowledge. If your child needs assistance in developing his or her English language skills, the school district will provide English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services to your child in classes with students with similar English skills and taught by a specially trained teacher. Florida Statute 1003.56

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Dropout Prevention and Academic Intervention

These programs are designed to lead to improved performance in the areas of academic achievement, attendance, and discipline. The educational programs provide curricula, character development and law education, and related services that support the program goals. The programs may differ from traditional educational programs and schools in scheduling, administrative structure, philosophy, curriculum, or setting and shall employ alternative teaching methodologies, curricula, learning activities, and diagnostic and assessment procedures in order to meet the needs, interests, abilities, and talents of eligible students. Student participation in such programs, excluding disciplinary programs, shall be voluntary. Florida Statute 1003.53

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Teenage Parent Programs

Each school district maintains a teenage parent program designed to provide a specialized curriculum to meet the needs of students who are pregnant or students who are mothers or fathers and the children of the students. The program provides students with the option of participating in regular classroom activities or enrolling in a special program designed to meet their needs. Students participating in teenage parent programs are exempt from minimum attendance requirements for absences related to pregnancy or parenting, but are required to make up work missed due to absence. Florida Statute 1003.54

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Instruction in Operation of Motor Vehicles

All school districts in Florida offer a course of study and instruction in the safe and lawful operation of a motor vehicle to students in the secondary schools. Instruction in motorcycle or moped operation may be limited to classroom instruction. The course shall not be made a part of, or a substitute for, any of the minimum requirements for graduation. For additional information, consult the local school district. Florida Statute 1003.48

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All Florida Statutes cited on these pages are also available on the Florida Legislature website.