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Your Opinion Counts!

Please provide the Department of Education with your feedback (under Test Development Opportunities!) on the Computer Science K-12 and Technology Education 6-12 competencies and skills. These competencies and skills will be presented to the State Board of Education for review in Summer 2013.

District Performance Evaluation Systems: Revisions to Rule 6A-5.030 Instructional Personnel and School Administrator Evaluations and/or Rule 6A-5.0411 Calculations of Student Learning Growth Using Statewide Assessment Data for Use in School Personnel Evaluations

FTCE Testing System Survey

LIIS Report and Survey

Teacher and Leader Preparation Implementation Committee Recommendations

Instructional Materials Adoption Process

Call for Reviewers ELA

The Florida Department of Education received 65 bids for 6-12 Reading, English Language Arts and Literature materials. The breakdown of bids by subject area is included below. We are asking that each district submit at least 4 names to be part of the state adoption review process.
  1. Grades 6-8 English Language Arts Series: 7 bids to be evaluated
  2. M/J Intensive Reading: 23 bids to be evaluated
  3. Grades 9-12 English Language Arts Series: 9 bids to be evaluated
  4. Advanced Placement English Language and Composition and Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition: 15 bids to be evaluated
  5. Reading for College Success and Intensive Reading: 5 bids to be evaluated
  6. English IV College Prep: 4 bids to be evaluated
  7. American Literature and British Literature: 2 bids to be evaluated

Call for Reviewers Math

The Florida Department of Education received 131 instructional materials bid for grades 6-12 mathematics courses. The breakdown of bids by subject area is included below.
  1. M/J Mathematics 1 and M/J Mathematics 1 Advanced: 18 bids to be evaluated
  2. M/J Mathematics 2 and M/J Mathematics 2 Advanced: 17 bids to be evaluated
  3. M/J Pre Algebra: 14 bids to be evaluated
  4. Algebra 1: 14 bids to be evaluated
  5. Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors: 12 bids to be evaluated
  6. Pre-Calculus and Calculus: 16 bids to be evaluated
  7. Geometry: 10 bids to be evaluated
  8. Probability and Statistics: 10 bids to be evaluated
  9. Other mathematics courses, including Trigonometry, Liberal Arts Mathematics, Mathematics for College Readiness, Mathematics for College Success, and others: 20 bids to be evaluated

State Reviewers Qualifications

State instructional materials reviewers will generally hold one or more of the following credentials:
  1. A baccalaureate degree or higher in the field or a related field,
  2. Certification in the field or a related field,
  3. Substantial experience in the field, or
  4. Recognition as an expert in the field. Such recognition may include, but is not limited to, awards received or publications related to the academic content area.

District personnel can participate in the state adoption process as state reviewers (who make the official recommendation for or against adoption) or district reviewers, but they cannot participate as both.


All state reviewers must be able to sign an affidavit attesting compliance with Section 1006.30, Florida Statutes.

1006.30 Affidavit of state instructional materials reviewers.-
Before transacting any business, each state instructional materials reviewer shall make an affidavit, to be filed with the department, that:

  1. The reviewer will faithfully discharge the duties imposed upon him or her.
  2. The reviewer has no interest in any publishing or manufacturing organization that produces or sells instructional materials.
  3. The reviewer is in no way connected with the distribution of the instructional materials.
  4. The reviewer does not have any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in the business or profits of any person engaged in manufacturing, publishing, or selling instructional materials designed for use in the public schools.
  5. The reviewer will not accept any emolument or promise of future reward of any kind from any publisher or manufacturer of instructional materials or his or her agent or anyone interested in, or intending to bias his or her judgment in any way in, the selection of any materials to be adopted.
  6. The reviewer understands that it is unlawful to discuss matters relating to instructional materials submitted for adoption with any agent of a publisher or manufacturer of instructional materials, either directly or indirectly, except during the period when the publisher or manufacturer is providing a presentation for the reviewer during his or her review of the instructional materials submitted for adoption.

The affidavit is available to print (PDF, 33KB). The affidavit must be signed, notarized, mailed and received by 10/04/2013:
Florida Department of Education
Office of Instructional Materials
325 West Gaines Street, Suite 432
Tallahassee, FL 32399

State Instructional Materials Reviewer Registration

To register as a reviewer:
  • Open the hyperlink and select the Register link.
  • Select State Instructional Materials Reviewer under account type and complete the required registration information page.
  • Please be sure to retain your Login Name and Password; you will need to access the IM Review Portal upon your account being activated.
  • You will be notified of account activation via e-mail within a few days.
  • All notifications regarding the instructional materials review process will be sent via e-mail, hence please be sure to provide an accurate e-mail address.
  • The entire evaluation process is conducted online with the evaluation rubric and access to the samples all available through this website. There is no required travel and no hardcopy samples will be sent to you.
  • Please complete registration and affidavit by October 04, 2013.

Please contact Katrina Figgett at 850-245-0758 or the IM staff at 850-245-0425, if you need additional information on the Florida instructional materials adoption process.