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Contracts, Grants & Procurement


  Contracts, Grants & Procurement  

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Office of the Bureau Chief

Janice Brown
Bureau Chief

Vickie Brown

Matthew Caldwell

Randall Cooper

Cynthia Ford

Phyllis Schrammel

Harriett Swarttz

Fabio Vargas

Office of Grants Management

Sue Wilkinson

Mark Curtis

James Hargreaves

Tiffany Herrin

Alvita Howard

Jeannette Hume

Gwendolyn Jackson

Michael Lesley

Tresa McCloud

Kinisha Murphy

Paula Starling

Allison Throckmorton

Phyllis White

Office of Audit Resolution & Monitoring

Alricky Smith, CPA

Marie Abrams

Philip Sablan

Jodi Sullivan

Office of Contracts & Procurement

Procurement Management Services

Christina Davis

ReGina Fields

Fran Shewan

Contract Administration

Denise Frederick

Dee Ragsdale

Kaye Robertson