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Division of Finance and Operations

Project Application and Amendment Procedures for Federal and State Programs (Green Book)

If you have any problem accessing any of the forms below please contact the Office of Grants Management at 850-245-0496.

Green Book Cover 2013 (Word, 270KB)

Table of Contents (Word, 72KB)

Forward (Word, 70KB)

Section A - Project Applications (Word, 137KB)

Section B - Project Amendments (Word, 64KB)

Section C - Fiscal and Program Accountability (Word, 148KB)

Section D - General Assurances, Terms, and Conditions for Participation in Federal and State Programs (Word, 157KB)

Section E - Complaint Procedures (Word, 28KB)

Section F - Program Income, Interest Income, and the Disposition of Equipment (Word, 43KB)

Section G - Special Conditions for the Approval of Project Applications and Project Amendments, or the Termination of a Project (Word, 52KB)

Section H - Forms (Word, 97KB)

Glossary (Word, 119KB)

Resources (PDF, 228KB)

Download the entire 2013 Green Book (PDF, 1MB)

Travel Manual (PDF, 198KB)