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Information for Schools and Districts

Memorandums and Technical Assistance Materials

SES Provider Withdrawal Form (Word, 120KB)
This link offers access to the form for districts to report to the Department any providers that signed a contract with the district, were assigned the minimum number of students according their approved application, and subsequently notified the district of their refusal to serve students in the district during the 2009-2010 school year.

Parent Outreach Packet
This link offers access to different parent outreach materials regarding SES

Parent Questionnaire (Word, 28KB)
This link provides a sample parent questionnaire to find out how satisfied parents are with the SES after-school instruction or tutoring that their children had received. The sample survey has 13 questions:

  • questions 1-5 relate to provider compliance, which may help districts to focus on aspects of SES that may need to be more closely monitored or addressed in contracts
  • questions 10-12 are intended to shed light on the impact of SES
  • questions 6-9 and 13 are intended to capture parent satisfaction with the program

Parent Notification Letter (PDF) This link offers access the Technical Assistance Paper (TAP) developed by the department staff, which provides school districts and school personnel information related to the parent notification and No Child Left Behind Public School Choice.

Tool Kit for Districts
This link offers information for districts related to supplemental educational services specific to their needs and roles.

Frequently Asked Questions
This web site provides common questions and answers related to such topics as general definitions, parent notifications, district implementation of SES, funding, contract management, marketing issues, PDPA, report progress to parents and schools, monitoring, and evaluation.