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Regulations regarding Faith-Based Organziations

Regulations regarding Faith-Based Organizations (USDE) - Click here to access USDOE regulations on the participation of Faith-Based and Community Organizations in department programs.

Toolkit for Faith-Based and Community Organizations (doc) - This toolkit provides guidance for Faith-Based and Community Organizations to provide extra academic assistance to their community through supplemental educational services (SES).

Protecting the Civil Rights and Religious Liberty of Faith-Based Organizations (pdf) - This web site provides information for Faith-based Organizations related to funding and approaches to religious hiring.

Guidance to Faith Based and Community Organizations on Partnering with the Federal Government (pdf) - This site provides common questions and answers related to Faith-based Organizations. Topics include: funding, application, regulations and guidance and partnering with government.

Linking Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to Community and Faith-Based Organizations (pdf) - This brochure describes some ways in which community and faith-based organizations can become involved in SES. Topics include promoting SES to eligible families, collaborating with current providers to make tutoring more accessible, and providing guidance related to how organizations can become SES providers.