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School District Reporting Forms

The following forms are to be used by school district for reporting contract terminations, withdrawals, and complaints regarding state-approved SES providers to the Florida Department of Education (FDOE).


  • SES Provider Withdrawal Form (Word, 120KB)
    Districts should to report to the FDOE any provider that signed a contract with the district, were assigned the minimum number of students according their state-approved application, and subsequently notified the district of their refusal to serve students in the district during the school year.

    Section 1008.331(3)(b), Florida Statutes

Provider Complaints

  • SES Provider Complaints On-line System Every effort should be made to resolve the complaint at the district or school level before filing a complaint with the FLDOE. Complaints regarding providers should be submitted using the on-line system. Upon receipt of a complaint, the FDOE will review the complaint and determine if a violation of the laws regarding supplemental educational providers exists. For more information on how the FDOE is required to handle complaints of SES providers, please visit State Board Rule 6A-1039 (Word) or contact the Bureau of Federal Educational Programs at (850) 245-0479.

    Section 9304(a)(3)(C) as amended by the NCLB Act P.L. 107-110