Grants Management

The Office of Grants Management manages and processes state and federal grant awards to school districts, community colleges, universities and community-based organizations. This office provides administrative and operational support to program managers including receipt and technical review, tracking, budget review, and distribution and file maintenance of all projects awarded by the Florida Department of Education.

Training and Development services include training for grant recipients on the fiscal management of state and federal grants.

Grants Management Responsibilities

  • Provide assistance with development of Request For Proposal/Request For Application (RFP/RFA) and Pre-Approval Funding Plan
  • Provide technical review of funding proposals
  • Provide application support or assistance
  • Application review and approval
  • Funding authorization and distribution of award notification
  • Project award distribution

Grants Management System

The online Grants Management System (GMS) is a web based tracking system providing grant applicants with information on the status of project applications for, and awards of, Federal and State funds

From the Home page:  select "Application Status / Agency / Fiscal Year" and click "Search."

The Project Number, Program Name, TAPS Code and Status: Approved or Status: In Process will be displayed.  Users may Copy / Paste the information for reference when communicating with the Department.

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