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  Florida Education & Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP)  

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Workforce Education Reports

District Secondary Vocational Data - Secondary reports are displayed by vocational program at the statewide and district levels. The data include employment, full-time earnings, and job-training relatedness and placement rates.

District Postsecondary Vocational Data - Reports in this group show aggregated vocational outcome data by program at the district, district by school and statewide levels. Data include employment, full-time earnings, job training relatedness and placement rates. A new reporting feature has been on statewide programs by funding level outcomes. Included in this set are reports of community college vocational completers sorted by school and funding level ranking, with graphic presentations.

Florida College System Vocational Data - Program data from the Florida College System is provided at different levels. Data is displayed statewide by program level and by college by program level.